The BLOGFlume—Crazy Days

Dissapointing "Sin," an accident in Jersey, and the newest high-end show in Vegas.

Written by Russell Meyer
Published: April 3, 2005 at 10:46 PM

This was one crazy weekend for me, as my sister-in-law just got married this afternoon. Thus my wife and I were running around all weekend taking care of wedding-related things. Unfortunately this BLOGFlume may not be up to my usual standards because it is being written in haste, as I attempt to throw it together late Sunday night so I can get some sleep before trudging off to my day job for a normal Monday. So here it goes in all of its sleep-induced glory…

Not Enough Sin 4/3/05

I find it rather surprising that Sin City was only able to drum up $28.1 million in the box office this past weekend. The film, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novels, was co-directed by Spy Kids franchise and Once Upon a Time in Mexico director Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, and Quentin Tarrantino. Tarrantino actually only directed one scene in the movie, but because of his relationship with Rodriguez was given a directorial credit. The movie was shot completely with digital video, and the look of the film is stunning with a majority of it in black and white with flashes of color. The cast is about as all-star as films come these days with the likes of Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Josh Hartnett, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, and Elijah Wood. I thought that Sin City was probably the best comic book to film adaptation of all time, and the fact that it was only able to conjure up a little under $30 million in its first weekend has to be a bit disappointing to Miramax and its still-parent Disney. The screening that I attended on Tuesday was packed to the rafters with people, and no one could seem to stop talking about how cool the movie was. Perhaps the film was hampered by its R rating, one that was much deserved for the movie’s graphic, yet stylistic, violence, foul language, and nudity. Sin City did seem to be the movie that would carry the 17-28 year old men through to the Star Wars release in six weeks, but it seems that a lot of people steered clear. Sin City did capture the weekly box office crown, but considering the less-than-expected opening for the movie, it may not have the staying power to make it to May. However, for whatever reason, Disney can definitely be excited for The Pacifier, which is still hanging around in the top ten in sixth with a strong $6.1 million for the weekend, and ever so close to that magic $100 million number. Who would have thought that movie would make $100 million? I sure didn’t.

Accident in Jersey
Ocean County Observer 3/28/05

A worker at the Fun Town Amusement Pier in Seaside Park, New Jersey was injured by a roller coaster. The worker was in the process of cleaning around the coaster when, for some unknown reason, they hopped the fence to clean around the track, and placed a trash can on the coaster track while the coaster was in operation. Before the ride attendant could notice, the coaster train had already released from the lift to go down the first hill, and struck the trash can, hurling the steel can at the worker’s head and causing deep lacerations. None of the riders on the coaster were injured. No one is sure why the employee felt the need to clean inside the safety fence while the coaster was in operation, but the worker should be OK after being airlifted to the hospital following the incident. One would have to wonder what was going through the worker’s mind in a situation like this, or if the ride operator could have somehow noticed the worker inside the safety fence and stopped the ride to prevent this incident. This just goes to prove that even the smallest rides and attractions require the highest level of safety at all times.

Revving Up 3/30/05

In a little bit of Las Vegas news, Steve Wynn’s newest casino, simply called Wynn Las Vegas, has begun to take reservations for its new Cirque De Soleil-style show called La Reve. The new show, designed by Franco Dragone, will be performed in a domed theater where every audience member will be no more than 40 feet from the action. The show is slated to open with the new high-end casino and resort at the end of April. The resort looks magnificent, and is raising the bar even higher for properties to aspire to in Las Vegas. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable lodging in the fastest growing city in America, and with a few more luxury-style resorts on the way for Las Vegas in the next two years, Henderson, Nevada is becoming an increasingly popular option for those economy travelers like me. The new Cirque-esqe show sounds very neat, even though I’ve never been a huge fan of the style. However, something tells me that the tickets may be in the $75-$200 range, much like many of the other newer shows in Vegas. So be ready to catch some luck at the tables if you want to catch the newest hot show, or maybe try to get a comp (if you’re a high roller!).

Readers' Opinions

From Erik Yates on April 4, 2005 at 2:50 PM
I'm not into the Cirque-style either, so I'll leave my Vegas vacations for gambling and staring off the edge of the Stratosphere. As for Sin City, I'm very glad they did the film the way they did. I'm glad they didnt sugar coat it and give it a sleek PG-13 rating, and most of all i'm glad they did not stray too far from the source material(although I've never read the source material i heard it was dead on) I did notice a lot of people brought kids to it, then about 15 minutes into the movie got up and walked out. Just because its based on a comic book doesnt mean Junior gets to see it. There were also alot of people that, because it was directed by Rodriguez, expected Spy kids 4, they too got up and walked out. As for me, I loved it. And heres the theme park tie in I'd love to see. Replace Toon lagoon at IOA with SIN CITY. You can have a Stratospher style drop ride complete with Marv cussing in your ear(hey theres an idea for vegas!) as you drop over the edge, and lets go one further and make it a simulator so that you're the cannibalistic priest that marv is chasing. Sickening I know, but why the rest of you have your Monsters Inc. Ride and your Incredibles parade, I'll be busy coming up with the gun toting street walker cop hunt festival ;)
From Robert OGrosky on April 4, 2005 at 7:18 PM
The roller accident shows that you can pass all the laws you want but you cant legislate that people not be stupid!!!!
From Chuck Campbell on April 4, 2005 at 7:19 PM
I think Sin City's gonna be begging for change at the box office next weekend. Last weekend brought in the fans of the comic, er, excuse me, "graphic novels," and some curious movie fans, but I don't think there's much appeal beyond that. I saw it, and although I was intrigued by the look, and amused by the hard-boiled dialogue, I thought it went on far too long. Sin City would actually work better as a series on HBO or Showtime.
From Erik Yates on April 5, 2005 at 1:21 PM
I think the fans of Sin City were the same fans of such great flicks like Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Suicide Kings, all kinds of great movies that made no sense at a glance but come together in one glorius mess. And yes, come this weekend, such popcorn fare like Sahara will knock Sin city out, and it wont get the box office payout. It might have fared a little bit better in the wasteland that is Janurary-March. I loved the film, but I'll have to wait for DVD, because when I'd normally see it at least once more (and I will no doubt see Star Wars 3 times opening day) there are so many movies coming up that i just dont have the time. It wasnt Dreamworks CGI or disney family junk, but if you can stomach those sugar sweetened disney chunks than surely you can anty up and get beat down in Sin City, no its not Shakespere in the park, but golly its fun.
From Chuck Campbell on April 5, 2005 at 2:51 PM
I imagine it'll turn a profit--Rodriguez is a master at making five bucks look like ten on the screen.

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