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Joe Lane

Joe Lane is a freelance writer who covers Central Florida attractions for Theme Park Insider.

Blue Horizons @ SeaWorld Orlando
July 28, 2005: Cirque-like acrobatics combined with well-trained dolphins, SWO has unleashed a show designed to compete with the growing entertainment venues at rival theme parks.
9 responses. Last at 4:38 PM (MST) on December 9, 2005

Pal Mickey: Not Just Another Plush
July 8, 2005: The plush Mickey Mouse was created to serve as a sort of personal tour guide. But is it really worth your time (and your money)?
3 responses. Last at 7:35 PM (MST) on July 11, 2005

Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom
July 3, 2005: Disney's online virtual theme park has potential, but will it find success or end up closing its digital gates?
6 responses. Last at 9:20 PM (MST) on September 28, 2005

Fear Factor Live at Universal Orlando
June 6, 2005: In a self-fulfilling prophecy, Universal brings the NBC stunt show and gross-out fest into its park and puts guests in the spotlight.
11 responses. Last at 4:25 PM (MST) on December 19, 2005

Sheikra @ Busch Gardens Tampa
May 23, 2005: Will the new addition to Busch Gardens' coaster family play nice? Joe Lane reviews North America's first Diving Machine.
8 responses. Last at 6:59 AM (MST) on December 27, 2005

JOE INSIDER - Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show
May 9, 2005: Joe Lane reviews the new automobile stunt show at the Disney-MGM Studios. Does it live up to the hype?
5 responses. Last at 1:16 PM (MST) on May 29, 2005

JOE INSIDER - Soarin' at Epcot
May 2, 2005: Disney brings another E-Ticket to Epcot with Soarin', but is it worthy of your attention?
6 responses. Last at 1:12 PM (MST) on November 10, 2005

JOE INSIDER - Cinderellabration
April 25, 2005: Joe Lane presents a review of the fully-saturated Princess performance at WDW's Magic Kingdom.

JOE TOURIST - CityWalk Orlando
March 9, 2005: Better late than never, Joe Lane submits his overview of the offerings at Universal Orlando's CityWalk.

JOE TOURIST - Pleasure Island
February 22, 2005: Planning on visiting Orlando for Spring Break? Take a look at all that Disney's nightlife hot spot has to offer.
6 responses. Last at 7:57 AM (MST) on March 4, 2005

JOE INSIDER - What You've Been Missing / Muppet*Vision 3D
February 8, 2005: Joe Lane uncovers a treasure trove of Muppet treats hidden outside Muppet*Vision 3D at the Disney-MGM Studios and shares the wealth.
5 responses. Last at 10:28 PM (MST) on February 8, 2005

JOE TOURIST - Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
February 1, 2005: While the park may be far from entirely refurbished, owner Kent Buescher's current efforts hold great promise for what may be a gentler amusement park experience.
5 responses. Last at 6:40 PM (MST) on August 15, 2005

JOE TOURIST - All I Want For Christmas
December 22, 2004: It's an open letter to Santa. Joe Lane lists off what he's wants for Christmas for Disney and Universal.
7 responses. Last at 10:14 AM (MST) on December 26, 2004

JOE TOURIST - Joyous Yuletide
November 23, 2004: For those of us spending the Christmas season in sunny Florida, here's an overview of some of the more promising holiday events this year.
10 responses. Last at 4:57 PM (MST) on December 21, 2004

JOE INSIDER - Stitch's Great Escape at The Magic Kingdom
November 7, 2004: A stitch in time saves nine, but only if the budget is up to the challenge. Joe Lane reports his findings at the "new" Tomorrowland show.
13 responses. Last at 8:41 PM (MST) on August 21, 2005

JOE TOURIST - Halloween Horror Nights 14 @ UO
October 11, 2004: From his little padded cell, Joe Lane files his trip report on Universal's annual haunted house and Halloween event.
19 responses. Last at 10:23 PM (MST) on November 6, 2005

JOE INSIDER - What You've Been Missing / Seuss Landing, IOA
September 9, 2004: Who knows what you've been missing at Seuss Landing? Joe Lane does, and he has the pictures to prove it in this photo essay!
2 responses. Last at 3:29 PM (MST) on September 10, 2004

JOE INSIDER - It's Tough Being King
August 31, 2004: If you've ever wanted to file legal action against Disney, 'tis the season. The king of the corporation may soon find his Magic Kingdom crashing down around him.
12 responses. Last at 9:52 PM (MST) on September 2, 2004

August 24, 2004: Terror--and fancy dishes--together, underwater, in a sharky atmosphere.
2 responses. Last at 5:31 PM (MST) on August 25, 2004

JOE INSIDER - Hurricane Wrap-up
August 17, 2004: Brief details on the damage done to Central Florida's major theme parks by Hurricane Charley.
13 responses. Last at 6:06 PM (MST) on August 23, 2004

JOE INSIDER - What You've Been Missing / Epcot
August 10, 2004: A new photo eassy series pointing out interesting tidbits from Florida theme parks. The premier article features places and things of interest around Epcot.
8 responses. Last at 12:29 PM (MST) on October 2, 2004

JOE INSIDER - Busch Gardens Tampa
August 3, 2004: A trip report and suggestions on how to visit and what to do at the African-themed Tampa park.
23 responses. Last at 9:29 AM (MST) on August 9, 2004

JOE TOURIST - I Got Mistified
July 27, 2004: A review of the new SeaWorld Orlando nighttime extravaganza--can it compete with the other Central Florida offerings? Plus, some riddles about the new BGT coaster.
11 responses. Last at 11:56 AM (MST) on December 9, 2005

JOE TOURIST - A Day In The Park With Barney
July 20, 2004: A brave review of the USF show featuring the popular children's character. Does it succeed in its delivery?
20 responses. Last at 3:26 PM (MST) on August 22, 2005

JOE TOURIST - On-Ride Photos
July 6, 2004: Photography is a fundamental element in any family vacation--and theme parks realize this. Enter the on-ride photo. Here's a listing of the attractions in the Central Florida area that offer this opportunity.
24 responses. Last at 7:14 AM (MST) on October 12, 2005

JOE TOURIST - Worst. Ride. EVER.
June 22, 2004: What makes a really bad attraction really bad? Here's a look at some of the qualities that can ruin a ride or spoil a show. What ride do you think is the worst ever?
47 responses. Last at 1:29 PM (MST) on August 21, 2004

JOE TOURIST - Mythos Revisited
June 15, 2004: The IOA restaurant was voted #1 in 2003 by TPI readers. Will it retain the title this year? Joe Lane offers his recent dining experience as evidence.
16 responses. Last at 8:04 PM (MST) on August 7, 2004

JOE TOURIST - Central Florida's Best Roller Coaster
May 31, 2004: It's a roller coaster celebration! Joe Lane offers a countdown of the top ten roller coasters in the Central Florida area. Where does your favorite ride place--and what do you think of the list?
30 responses. Last at 7:26 PM (MST) on August 1, 2004

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida
May 21, 2004: Ride like an Egyptian with this look at the ride's opening ceremonies, plus a ride review. With photos!
18 responses. Last at 12:31 PM (MST) on October 16, 2005

May 17, 2004: So the new NBC Universal wants to get some NBC-themed attractions into the Universal theme parks. Hmmmm, what might *that* look like?
13 responses. Last at 11:45 PM (MST) on June 6, 2005

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