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I have really only gotten into coasters in the past two years (I am 15). Though I have not traveled specifically for coasters, I have made a few trips where theme parks were incorporated. I have visited many parks in the Midwest, but have not visited a big iron ride park yet, like Cedar Point, King's Island or a big Six Flags Park.

Best Theme Park Experience: Maybe 7 years ago I went to Six Flags St. Louis and rode Thunder River (towards the end of the season or summer). Since it was borderline cold between 60 and 75 degrees, no one was in line. My dad, a friend and I rode Thunder River maybe 3 times in a row, with the third time the ride operator telling us it was our last time. When we got back to unload, my friend plead for one more round, and the op finally gave in - under one circumstance: that we beat him in rock, paper, scissors. My friend beat him, and we got to ride again. Best theme park memory ever.

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