Wild Arctic

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Wild Arctic is a cabin-style simulator attraction, replicating a journey that takes visitors through the majestic Arctic tundra, encountering both animals and avalanches, to an Arctic research base housing (live) polar bears, beluga whales, and pinnipeds. Visitors view a introductory video before being assigned seats. Then, a second intro/safety caveat before boarding their helicopter, "White Thunder". After departing from the boarding station, the helicopter descends upon a polar bear and her cubs. Next, the pilot activates "aquatic mode", allowing the chopper to break the Plimsoll line and view some narwhals and walruses. The pilot then lands the helicopter on a glacier to examine a computer problem. The glacier is unable to withstand the copter's weight, and nearly crashes into the depths below (sans "aquatic mode"), barring a timely maneuver by the pilot. The pilot then notices an Arctic storm approaching, and soon after the computer deactivates. The pilot is forced to manually evade the the storm, and prevaricate falling boulders from an avalanche. One escape later, the helicopter safely disembarks at "Base Station WIld Arctic", and with it the ride portion of the attraction ends. Visitors exit into a multi-level Arctic wildlife exhibit, featuring the animals shown during the ride (except narwhals and with the addition of harbor seals and beluga whales) and interactive "research" experiences. -- Last edited by Oak A on September 7, 2013