Timber Mountain Log Ride

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Open in 1968 and originally known as the Calico Log Ride, this was the country's second log flume ride. (The first was at Six Flags Over Texas in 1963, and also was designed by Bud Hurlbut.) The ride takes you up and through an old west sawmill, with interior scenes featuring both Old West nighttime vistas as well as total darkness. Finally, you emerge from the mountain down a waterfall, into the splash zone below.

If this sounds familiar to Disney fans, it should. This is the attraction that Disney imagineers copied, almost to the letter, in building Splash Mountain. Think of Splash with an old west theme instead of the Song of the South music and characters, and you've got Knott's Log Ride.

In 2013, Knott's spent more than a million dollars contracting with Garner Holt Productions to revamp the scenes in the ride, adding dozens of new animatronic and more richly detailed setting throughout. The "new" Log Ride opened on May 31, 2013, one day after its scheduled debut. -- Last edited by Robert Niles on June 1, 2013

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