Jet Rescue

The current version of this description is at Jet Rescue.

"Join the Sea World Rescue team on an exciting mission to save our precious marine life on the all new Jet Rescue coaster. Climb aboard your Jetski and zoom around the amazing track, flying and twisting past pristine rock pools at an exhilarating 70km/hr. Then enter the dark and dangerous blowhole cave where a sea lion waits desperately for your help. Blast through the cave and release the pressure, allowing the majestic sea lion to escape to safety. Then return to Sea World as marine rescue heroes. Join the rescue mission today – we need your help!" Warning: They do not let you ride with any loose items, like your bag or bumbag. You are forced to get out of queue and hire a locker $1 and then go back in queue. There is no where else to put your belongings. -- Last edited by Jadzia Dax on July 11, 2010

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