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Eli G

Marvel themed resort hotel?

Published: August 17, 2014 at 12:17 AM

OK, so I had this idea, and I was wondering if Disney is allowed to do this. I dont think WDW needs another resort hotel, but here's my thoughts anyways:

So, Disney isn't allowed to create Marvel-themed attractions inside its parks at WDW. However, it is my knowledge that it is allowed to use Marvel characters inside Disney property, just not in the parks (i.e. Avengers wraps on the monorail, etc.) So my idea is that Disney could create a Marvel themed resort hotel. It would contain all the immersive themeing one would expect from a Marvel-themed land at DHS, but it wouldn't contain any rides. Like all the WDW hotels, it would feature some retail and dining (which could also be Avengers themed) and maybe even some meet and greets or entertainment? idk

If we're to step this up a notch, lets say we place this hotel next to DHS (in the current parking lot?). And, like at the Grand Californian Hotel at DLR, there's an entrance into the park from the resort. But, unlike at the Grand Californian, the entrance isn't reserved for hotel guests. People can enter/exit into the resort, and when they do, it's not like they're exit/re-entering the park. It could be like they're entering another immersively themed environment (This hotel could open around the same time Star Wars Land does...?) that just so happens to be outside the theme park.

And then, if we want to make this even more theme-park ish, there are a couple of superhero properties that disney does have the rights to (Incredibles (i know it isn't Marvel), Guardians of the Galaxy). Disney could place a couple of attractions themed to these properties right outside the entrance to the Marvel hotel in an also immersively themed environment, and the hotel could seem like an extension of the environment. Only the hotel would feature some of the characters that Disney isn't allowed to use inside the parks.

So, is this a good idea? Would Disney be able to do this?

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