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Indiana Jones Adventure
Indiana Jones Adventure

at Disneyland

Because Indiana Jones is such a great ride, and is so complex to describe, I will just say that I LOVE THIS RIDE!!! I will also give a walkthrough of the ride, so if you want the whole ride to be a surprise, don't read on. First you board your jeep. You take a right past these mirrors and come upon 3 doors. Each door has a different idol room, where you see the face of Mara. A sharp left brings you into a room where lightning clashes all around you. Racing through the tunnel, you see Indy, trapped between the Gates of Doom. The theme song starts up, and you zoom into the overlook, looking at the bridge over the lava and the carved stone Mara into the wall behind the bride. A sharp left, brings you the skeleton room, racing past mummies, and some fall down on you. Then you enter a dark room, where sprouts of air and projection screens make the illusion of bugs. You then come to the rickety bridge, crossing over the lava and escaping Mara's laser beams, which explode on the bride. You then enter the snake room, where a giant snake lunges a your jeep. Next is the skull room, where skulls are in piles while Mara's ghost looks down on you from the ceiling. You zoom into the rat room, where you race right through a hologram with mice projected onto it. Next you shoot into the dart room, where sprouts of air make you feel like darts are coming at your jeep. Next is the grand finale. The rolling ball from Raiders comes rolling at your car, and you charge at it, and inches, away, plunge downwards into total darkness and back into the loading station. WHAT A RIDE!

Zachary S.
Woodland Hills, California

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