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Speculation grows over Disneyland expansion plans


By Robert Niles: The LA Times today refuels spectulation that Disneyland will soon announce another expansion to the Anaheim theme park resort.

Disney's been fighting an attempt by the city of Anheim to clear the way for an affordable housing project near the theme parks, in the city's designated resort district. And this week, the company announced it would seek a ballot initiative to strengthen the resort district zoning, requiring a city-wide vote before any exceptions to the tourism-only development in the area could be granted.

It's making people wonder if Disney's fighting residential development so hard because it has plans for more tourism development, beyond its existing two theme parks, three hotels and the Downtown Disney outdoor shopping mall.

From the article:

The company has slowly but steadily amassed 460 acres in Anaheim, including a prime chunk of strawberry fields down Harbor Boulevard from Disneyland that is the designated site of a third park.

And someone is approaching the field's neighboring landowners, trying to buy up land. Corona del Mar resident Benjamin Kraut, 81, said Disney offered to buy his 5 acres several years ago. Then, six months ago, a suitor Kraut declined to name offered him $14.5 million for the land where he co-owns a 90-unit apartment complex. He said it is not for sale.

Disney hasn't unveiled plans for the Disney Resort — those typically come amid fanfare and orchestration — but top executives have hinted at expanding existing markets and increasing its time-share offerings.

Readers' Opinions

From scott sorensen on March 22, 2007 at 9:58 PM
I think it would be wonderful if Disneyland expands its parks in California. Having spent the last two Spring Breaks in Orlando, covering WDW, Universal, Seaworld, etc, I'm not dying to go to Southern California right now. I feel most of what there is in California has been covered as well, if not better, in Florida. If Disneyland expands, that would be a good reason to go there however.
From Greg Shilton on March 23, 2007 at 11:49 PM
I hate to root for the big mean business, but I am. Disneyland expansion is a plus in my book.

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