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Robert Niles

New attraction spotlight: Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America

Published: March 11, 2008 at 12:38 PM

Remember Camp Snoopy, the indoor amusement park at Mall of America, outside Minneapolis? The park lost its Peanuts theme when Cedar Fair's management contract was terminated two years ago, becoming the rather generically-named "Park at Mall of America." But, starting this weekend, the park breaks out a new Nickelodeon theme. (Note of irony: around the same time as it left MoA, Cedar Fair bought the Paramount Parks from Viacom, which owns... you guessed it, Nickelodeon.)

Dora the Explorer's El Circulo del Cielo
Image courtesy Park at Mall of America

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America opens this Saturday, March 15. Visitors will find a mix of rethemed rides from the old park, as well as some new rides, headlined by the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster.

SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster
Image courtesy Park at Mall of America

The park is not a one-price-rides-all general admission park like most major theme parks. Instead, it's a throw-back to the old Disneyland ticket-book/county fair model, in this case with riders buying "points" to get on the various rides.

We haven't covered pay-as-you parks on the site, but I know there are many Nick fans here, as well as folks who like to hit every new coaster around. So for you, here is the attraction lineup or Nickelodeon Universe, courtesy the park's PR reps:


Avatar Airbender
Height Requirement: 48”
Points: 6
Ride a ‘wave of air’ rocking back and forth to reach heights of 70 feet as air and fire forces rage in battle around you! Bend the air waves with Aang on his spinning sled.

Danny Phantom Ghost Zone
Height Requirement: 47” (or 42” with a chaperone)
Points: 5
Board a gondola and embark on a ghost hunting adventure that will “pale” in comparison to all others. Dare to enter the mysterious portal of the Ghost Zone, where you’ll join Danny Phantom, who is hot on the trail of his evil nemesis, Skulker.

Fairly Odd Coaster
Height Requirement: 47” (or 43” with a chaperone)
Points: 6
This hilarious misadventure provides hairpin turns, plummeting spirals and speeding tracks. You’ll whirl out of control as you spin through the park in with Cosmo and Wanda.

Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Collider
Height Requirement: 47”
Points: 5
Climb aboard with Jimmy Neutron and take one of his out-of-this-world inventions for a test drive. Hear your space age engine accelerate wildly, whipping you up, down and around! Hand on tight in case of near misses with other vehicles!

Orange Streak
Height Requirement: 47” (or 42” with chaperone)
Points: 5
A spine-tingling ride in a sleek, orange vehicle, this coaster streaks down a twisting, turning track through the entire park, leaving nothing but screams and startled pedestrians in its wake.

Height Requirement: 42”
Points: 5
This radical thrill ride launches you straight up to almost 60’, then sends you catapulting down to the ground at speeds that will blow your mind!

SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge
Height Requirement: 48”
Points: 6
This coaster lifts you up toward the surface, then turns you head over heels with intense loops, spirals and 90-degree turns. Twist and turn through creepy caverns and bright Bikini Bottom scenes, then screech to a halt at the Bikini Bottom bus stop.

Tak Attack
Height Requirement: 48”
Points: 6
Spin head over heels and flip upside down on this gravity-defying thrill ride. You’ll harness the power of Juju as you hurtle skyward, twisting and turning on Tak’s gigantic magical staff.


El Circulo del Cielo
Height Requirement: 42” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 4
Circle high above the crowd with Dora and Boots on our ferris wheel. Take in a view of the park from over seven stories high!

Log Chute
Height Requirement: 47” (or 36” with a chaperone)
Points: 6
Enjoy an exciting water adventure as you travel through a cavernous mountain ending with a 40 foot drop.

Naked Brothers Crazy Cars
Height Requirement: 48” (or 42” with chaperone)
Points: 4
Rock out with The Naked Brothers Band in crazy bumper car action that’s totally smashing! Pick your car and let it roll on this rockin’ ride!

Nick O Round
Height Requirement: 42” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 3
Take a turn on an old-fashioned carousel…with a Nick twist! Enjoy a contemporary version of this classic merry-go-round.

The Flying Dutchman’s Revenge
Height Requirement: 42” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 5
Hit the high seas and plunge into a hilarious dark ride journey, and help SpongeBob search for pirate plunder. Equipped with a waterproof flashlight, it’s up to you to uncover the missing fortune scattered all over Bikini Bottom. Rack up points along the way – then deposit the treasures so the Dutchman can grab his booty and be gone!


Back at the Barnyard Hayride
Height Requirement: 42” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 3
Take an “udderly” mad dash through the Barnyard with Otis and the rest of the party animals on this family friendly coaster. It’s sure to be a wild ride!

Backyardigans Swing-Along
Height Requirement: 47” (43” with harness or 39” with a chaperone)
Points: 5
Swing and fly along with the Backyardigans as you reach heights of up to 27 feet.
Let your imagination soar and explore the whimsical world of the Backyardigans – without ever leaving your seat!

Blues’ Skidoo
Height Requirement: 42” (or 36” with chaperone)
Points: 3
Fly through the air with Blue and Magenta! You can use your on-board control lever to make them hop up and down!

Boots’ Balloon Fiesta
Height Requirement: 42” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 3
Hop into a balloon and soar high above the treetops with Boots for a scenic aerial view of the Mall. Up, up and away!

Diego’s Rescue Rider
Height Requirement: 42” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 4
Ride along with Rescue Pack on another wild animal rescue adventure! This Rescue Rider bus will swing you round and round to help Diego on his journey.

La Aventura de Azul
Height Requirement: 36” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 3
All aboard for a whimsical journey on Azul, the blue train. Head out on a storybook journey through the world of Dora the Explorer.

Nick Jr. Big Rigs
Height Requirement: 36” (unless accompanied by a chaperone)
Points: 3
Hit the road behind the wheel of a kid-sized Nick Jr. Big Rig. Motor down the highway, honk your horn and wave to the passersby. Catch you on the flip side, little buddy!

Pineapple Poppers
Height Requirement: 36 – 58”
Points: 3
Jumpin’ Jellyfish! If you like to bounce up and down and sideways, hop inside Spongebob’s famous pineapple house! Jump to your heart’s content in this bright yellow inflatable.

Rugrats Reptarmobiles
Height Requirement: 38”
Points: 4
The Rugrats are it again – and now you can join them in the driver’s seat! Reptar is on the rampage again… and you can stay out of harm’s way as you race around in your very own kid-sized bumper made especially for Rugrats-sized visitors.

Swiper’s Sweeper
Height Requirement: 42”
Points: 3
Climb aboard for a wild whip of a ride…but look out! Swiper is after your stuff! As your vehicle zips around, Swiper “reaches” out to grab you, but you’re too fast for him.

Wonder Pets Flyboat
Height Requirement: 36”
Points: 3
Hop aboard the Wonder Pets’ fantastical Flyboat and let it lift you 20 feet above the park, then bounce you up and down until you make a soft landing.

Replies (2)

Justin Spisto

Published: March 11, 2008 at 3:14 PM

The Sponge BoB coaster looks cool. I actually remeber watching that episode with my little bro.
Greg Bark

Published: March 11, 2008 at 4:16 PM

Don't get me wrong, this looks like an excellent family park. But I feel like Nickelodeon is becoming a commercial business by slowly taking over the amusement industry.

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