A Canada's Wonderland trip report and other discussion highlights

July 16, 2008, 1:04 PM · There are some great discussions going on now on Theme Park Insider's discussion board. I should point Blog Flume readers over there more frequently: I too often forget that there are Theme Park Insider front-page or RSS readers who don't find their way over to the boards.

  • We have a post on the Blog Flume where readers are talking about the sale of Busch Gardens and SeaWorld's corporate parent to Belgian brewer InBev. But there's a hot thread on the discussion board, too: InBev Closing AB Parks?

  • TPI reader Scottland Jacobson visited Canada's most popular theme park and has filed a Canada's Wonderland Trip Report.

  • Just for fun, Adrian Walker offers Theme Park Scenarios We’d Like To See: Part Nine, asking readers to submit things that they would never hear me say.

  • In addition, I'd like to remind Theme Park Insider readers that I also blog about non-theme park news and events over on SensibleTalk.com. A couple recent posts over there you might find of interest: Algebra can be easy and Don't blame depositors for IndyMac's failure.

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