What's new on the discussion board: Meal plans and Christmas vacation planning

July 12, 2010, 5:44 PM · Here are the top new threads on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board:

Mike Gallagher visited Kings Island, Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland and Darien Lake and posts a Trip Report...4 Parks.

Manny Barron's also got a trip report, this time to Central Florida: Visited the big O in June. This is what happened.

Daniel Etcheberry asks which is the best theme park for people in a wheelchair?

Betty Arnold asks about Toddlers on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Kylie Batchelor wants to know Where to stay if going to Universal and Disney World?

Alla R is visiting Walt Disney World, and has kids - picky eaters - please help

On the topic of food, Bonnie Pritchard wants to know Anyone have opinions on Universal's Meal Plan?

So, Camille Kirk asks, which would you pick: Sea World or Universal IOA at Christmas?

Tim Chatlos starts the speculation on Cedar Point's next new attraction with Cedar Point 2011 Announcement Mid-August.

David L. continues a Discussion Board series by challenging readers to envision Your Dream Disney's Hollywood Studios

Finally, Tyler Bell gets a potentially great conversation going by asking Which attractions do you think need a refurb?

I'd like to invite all Theme Park Insider long-time lurkers to drop by the board and leave a comment (or ask a question) or two.

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Top 10 Attendance

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Disneyland
  3. Tokyo Disneyland
  4. Universal Studios Japan
  5. Tokyo DisneySea
  6. Disney's Animal Kingdom
  7. Epcot
  8. Shanghai Disneyland
  9. Disney's Hollywood Studios
  10. Universal Studios Florida