Published: June 25, 2009 at 7:31 PM

I took your earlier advice and picked up a Sesame Place -Super Grover season pass for $159+. It allows me to go to Seaworld, and all the Busch parks until December 31, 2009. I have free preferred parking and at least 10% off of food and merchandise. (There might be a 30% off if you stay into the evening hours). So far I've used it 3 times. I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Tampa and Seaworld Orlando. I expect to do the same tour in early September and then late October. I expect to get 9 visits to the theme parks, free preferred parking and some food/merchandise discount for my $159. If you don't include the free parking and stuff, it comes out to about $18 a park visit. I do get some strsnge looks from the team members when I present my ticket. Most are not sure what it is but when they scan it, it comes up as a platinum pass.
Now that I've finally delurked after many many years of just reading I just might contribute. I currently have a annual pass to WDW, a annual pass to Universal and a Super Grover pass.
Larry Zimmerman

Published: June 27, 2009 at 7:02 AM

I got an email offer from Disney the other day offering free Disney Dining Plan with 3-night stays in value resorts all the way thru Dec 17th!