Published: September 28, 2009 at 10:37 AM

I worked one parade shift while I was at Disney (2007). It was Easter week, at the Magic Kindom (it was a day that they were so busy that they were restricting who was entering the park), and I was stationed by the Liberty Square River Boat. I got to be the person that placed white arrows on the ground in tape that directed people where to walk. Once that was over I got to make sure foot traffic kept moving and people weren't sitting on walls. Although it was a great day, I couldn't even count the number of times I was told I was running someone's day because I wouldn't let them sit on a wall and watch the parade. When it was all over I tried not to get trampled as I removed the arrows from the ground!
Anthony Murphy

Published: September 28, 2009 at 10:58 AM

Thanks for bring back the famous picture!

Published: September 28, 2009 at 10:59 AM

I was a stanchion all-star on Frontierland PAC, and I'm a girl. Just saying...
This post brought back some good memories, even though I was never totally in love with PAC. Unless it was one of those days when I was stuck in Photohell on Splash.

Published: September 28, 2009 at 12:08 PM

Wow, those brought back some nightmarish memories of my CM past. D-PAC was the most coveted position ever when it comes to Ad/Lib CMs. During the day parade, it starts off in Frontierland and heads towards Main Street, and therefore Frontierland has to roll up behind it, so Ad/Lib gets off easy. N-PAC on the other hand is what I consider torture, especially during the summer when we pull double spectro. I've had the misfortune of doing 5 N-PACs before, and have done all the positions except for roller, and I'd have to say that clipping is by far the worst position ever (although I could be wrong since I've never rolled.) The rope is measured out just exact so that way it's taught between stanchions, but has a very little wiggle room for you to unclip. This wiggle room is always non-existant due to the fact that everyone loves to lean on or pull down the rope. So here you are, standing in front of a stanchion with your leg wrapped around it pulling it towards you to give you a little slack so you can unclip it, and then quickly clip it to the line and unclip the other end from the next stanchion.

Plug is also pretty bad, but you won't get blisters and sore thumbs when you're finished. You might however get your hands trampled on as you're trying to find where the hole was and plugging it back up. This normally isn't that bad of a job, but keep in mind that this is during the night parade, the lights are still OFF in your area, so you're feeling around for the hole in front of a crowd of people eager to run ontop of you and head towards Splash Mountain.

Stanchion isn't that bad, just tiring after you get done with Liberty square and then you still have Frontierland, which by that time you're tempted to use those things to ward off those guests trying to cross the line before we're finished rolling that area up.

I have no idea why Jungle skips love N-PAC. I much prefer quieter cruises at night with people that actually want to hear your corny jokes, but that's just me. Some of them just get so tired of Jungle they want out, which I understand. I look forward to my night cruises, and use that to get me through the day of the below-average boatloads of guests. Good times.

Bob Miller

Published: September 29, 2009 at 6:58 AM

Robert, believe it or not, my daughter Stefanie and I actually talked to you in the early 90's. Don't remember the year, but you had that big roller on your chest, and Stefanie(about 9 years old) asked you if it was heavy and you said yes but that you were happy to be doing it, so that she could see the parade safely. I wanted to tell you that, ever since I saw that photo of you awhile ago.