Greg Shilton

Published: October 2, 2006 at 5:40 PM

I agree 100%. I went on a Saturday. EMPTY! Longest wait was 10 minutes (Big Foot Rapids, they were running limited trains).

Seems like it was less crowded on the saturday, which is amazing. I did every maze, and we didn't plan on riding rides as last time we didn't get to do all the mazes. Well, we did ALL the redone rides and Mazes(not to mention Silver Bullet and Montez Zuma), and finished our last maze at 11:30! The park closed at 2 AM, so what do we do? RIDES! Signs listed stated x ride closes at either 1:00 AM, or 1:30 AM. None of the rides closed at the times listed. They stayed open! Xcelerator we did about 4 or 5 times, and we did Supreme Scream about 8. We finished off by going to the park entrence via Terror Vision maze(It was our fastest way from where we were).

Overall, an amazing day for me as well! I got genuinly scared in a few mazes, and the performance from ALL were second to none. Only downfall was the Dead Idol Live. It wasn't good for me, I didn't like it. Good puns, and clever jokes maybe, but overall a lame show.

Anywho, the key is to go EARLY! I'm sure next saturday weekend it's open, it'll be crowded.

Jason Lester

Published: October 2, 2006 at 7:48 PM

Thanks for making my review a Blog Flume entry!

Anyway, sounds like you had a great time. Sunday was only open until 1 or else I would've liked to do some more rides. But, I got more then I could've asked for, so I can't complain. As for Dead Idol, I read a bad review on another site and decided to avoid that one.

rick stevens

Published: October 2, 2006 at 11:27 PM

I agree on the crowds. It did start to crowd up around 9 or 10, but nowhere near what it was last year. One of the cashiers said she had heard it was sold out, could be that they all went out on consignment. Wait lines were minimal, longest on Ghostrider and Siver Bullet.

Stay away form Dead Idols Live, was not very good. Mazes were, as usual, well done. Grudge seemed to be popular. I think I would have liked it better if I had actually seen the movie.

Phil F

Published: October 3, 2006 at 2:53 PM

I found The Hanging to be lacking this year. They didn't have music to hype the crowd before the show as they usually do, and sliders entertaining the crowd, too. The show just sorta starts. The 2nd half of the show just fell flat and the jokes were finished by then. The fighting scenes weren't as good as usual from past years and the choice of hanging this year was a big let down for me. I guess not much happened this past year.
Greg Shilton

Published: October 3, 2006 at 9:04 PM

"Terror added nothing new from last year, and was simply mildly entertaining."

Was it M*A*S*H*E*D and Pukes of Hazard? I don't remember those from last year.

Also, Lure of the Vampire was OK, but when we went it was terribly understaffed, and the huge guy at the end was missed by all in the group. That was one thing I remembered from last year that really got me. Oh well. It's all about timing on these things.

Also, The Grudge 2 isn't out yet(Friday the 13th is when it is released). It follows the same plot of the first(You enter house, you die).

I was unable to do 13 Axe last year, so it was a real treat for me this year. Oh MAN! I table scene got me good!

Jason Lester

Published: October 5, 2006 at 11:14 PM

M*A*S*H*E*D and Pukes of Hazzard were in there last year. I don't recall any new additions to Terror.