Published: September 23, 2011 at 9:32 AM

Well if this was a boxing match the Imagineers would getting up off the mat after an eight count after being knocked down if not out by the guys at Universal. The Wizarding world has trumped anything done by Disney in the last twenty years and IOA is now viewed as the best all-round theme park. Fantasyland has gotten a very mixed reception being seen as more of the same rather then anything new,Star Wars wont pull the crowds back from Universal and rides such as Toy Story Mania have left alot to be desired and in fact they are worse then similar older rides at Universal.So Disney announce Avatar land I'll be honest Im worried about this Disney are going toe to toe with Universal on this one so it will be impossible for die hard Disney fans to talk about heritage and memories to pull this one out of the fire if its a disaster and if it does not wipe WWOHP off the map it will be viewed as such. Sure Avatar did huge figures in the box office but ask anyone nobody seems to have thought it was a great movie and Ill bet you cant remember the lead characters name !!!.Massive publicity and the fact that it was touted as the make or break movie for 3D pushed the figures up but Im willing to bet that the second movie wont do half the figures and the third in 2016 will be lost in the haze. 2016 thats when the Imagineers hope to pull peoples Imagination back from Universal and the imagineers have to do something new.Unfortunatly something new is not a thing that is done at Disney. Carsland = Test Track, Finding Nemo = The Little mermaid , The seven dwarfs coaster = Thunder mountain (with a roof). I just hope for Disneys sake that Avatar land is not the Tree of life redone, A 3d movie to replace bugs life and a Soarin type ride with Dinosaur redone to be troopers in a jeep driving through the forests of Avatar at night because if it is the Imagineers may end up taking the full ten count to the expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter (should hopefully be announced soon), Transformers and I expect a big make over for Jurrasic Park with the new movie announced, also with a Ghostbusters III on the way Id be willing to bet that Terminator may be replaced by guys with proton packs(hopefully) Disney will have their work cut out