Pete Brecht

Published: January 27, 2006 at 11:58 AM

That's great news for those of us in Virginia. Let the speculation begin as to the nature of the new attraction. While I would love for BGW to add to their collection of coasters, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the new attraction is more of a heavily-themed dark ride or drop ride. I really like what they did with DarKastle, and it's easier for them to attract families with that type of ride than with another big coaster.

This new building boom is somewhat reminiscent of the late 90's, when BGW added Alpengeist and Apollo's Chariot in a 3-year span.

Russell Meyer

Published: January 27, 2006 at 5:11 PM

I'm putting money on a drop ride of some type, hopefully more like Tower of Terror than Drop Zone. It does appear that the addition will be a thrill ride. The probelm is that the propsed addition is in France, where space is pretty limited. A dive machine can almost be completely ruled out unless it weaves in and out of Alpengeist.
Mike M

Published: January 28, 2006 at 7:27 PM

I actually think a dive machine would work. If they do it like they did for Oblivion at Alton Towers, then they could fit it into a relatively small footprint.
Jason Jackson

Published: January 28, 2006 at 10:44 PM

This isn't going to be for 2006 though! I guess we will have to wait for 2007! Makes sense to put something big in at the same time the Jamestown 2007 Celebration will be happening nearby!
Pete Brecht

Published: January 29, 2006 at 7:48 AM

Doesn't BGT have a North American monopoly on B&M dive machines as part of their contract when they built Sheikra last year? Obviously, BGT and BGW are owned by the same company, but I got the impression that there wouldn't be another dive coaster on this continent for a while.