Published: May 12, 2012 at 5:34 AM

Here's what I think: Disney should add fastpass+ for all guests at no additional charge. Here's the catch - hotel guests should be able to do it in advance, at time of reservation or after, but non-hotel guests should be able to only on the day of. Get rid of the fastpass distribution stations at each ride and instead set up reservation systems throughout the parks and especially outside of the turnstiles (for those waiting to get in before opening and who arrive early to reserve their fastpass). Allow people only one or two initially, but like current fastpass, let them book more a couple hours later if they're still available. Allow them to go to any station in the park to book for any ride in any park. That way you don't have to leave tomorowland to get your splash mountain face pass.

Obviously the most popular attractions would still go very quickly, but at least you wouldn't have people killing themselves on the stairs and escalators in the land to get their soarin fastpass. People could book their toy story mania at the turnstiles, then leisurely wonder through the park, working their way to the back.

What do you think?