James Rao

Published: June 10, 2013 at 10:32 AM

One thing I have started telling folks coming to Silver Dollar City for the first time is to ride both Powder Keg and Wildfire before experiencing Outlaw Run. The new wooden beast is so spirited and intense that the other two coasters seem somewhat tame in comparison. It is like riding Voyage before Legend or Raven at Holiday World. It is a good idea to build up to the best coaster in the state rather than visit it first.

Sadly it sounds like you did not have much more time in SDC...but did you get to do anything else in the park at all? Eat? Visit the Marvel Cave, ride Fire In The Hole? Anything?

Bobbie Butterfield

Published: June 10, 2013 at 11:44 AM

No, James, unfortunately I did not get to do anything else in the park due to the time constraints. I wish I could have spent an entire day at SDC but that would have involved another overnight stay plus an additional charge for the rental car and I was trying to cut costs.

Your suggestion about riding Powder Keg and Wildfire prior to Outlaw Run is a very good one, as I agree completely that these coasters are bound to seem tame by comparison. I actually thought that Wildfire was a cut above most coasters of similar design because the initial drop is straight down but neither that nor Powder Keg could possibly compete with Outlaw Run.

Mark Kausch

Published: June 10, 2013 at 4:38 PM

"However, it was still weird going to sleep surrounded by motorcycles."

They made you sleep in the parking lot?

Charles Reichley

Published: June 10, 2013 at 7:09 PM

I normally drive to save money, but the 660 miles between those two parks might have been too much even for me (although I just drove 12 hours down and 12 hours back from Kissimmee florida in a single weekend, just to go to the Quidditch world cup, although we also did Busch Gardens Tampa and Seaworld Orlando while we were there).

It is hard to do cheap if you have to fly a plane and rent a car.

I stay in a slightly nicer hotel when I'm at Cedar Point, the Econolodge North, but it was $94. (It has queen beds, which is imperative since there are always 3 or 4 of us on our trips).

I know you were tired, but I think with the plane ride I would have tried to catch some sleep and just suffered the tiredness to get to the park earlier. When we did Kissimmee, we stayed at one hotel from 4am to 8am, then the next night we were in at 10pm but had to be on the road by 705am, and then the next night there was a water leak which set off the fire alarm and kept us up past midnight, and the next day after the tournament ended I had to drive through the night to get my daughter back to college by 6am. I don't recommend that, but you can put up with a lot for a single weekend of fun, and the entire trip cost me about a hundred in gas (Prius), and about $180 in hotel costs, and we had the season passes.