Mike Gallagher

Published: August 22, 2013 at 7:05 AM

It hasn't been a good deal for me. Due to the heat and some surgery, I haven't gone to GrAdv nearly as often as I usually do. When I get chicken strips and fries or burger and fries, the portion is too much for me to eat. The pizza was actually good, and I'm glad they added Nathans (although the hot dog counts as a meal with no extras, valued at less than most meals.) I gotta try a sausage sandwich when I'm there on 9/7 for the Riding Of The Bull event..although it appears likely there will be no Riding Of The Bull :(

Incidentally, is anyone here attending that A.C.E.-sponsored event? I'm not an A.C.E. member, but will attend as a guest of my friend Jennifer. There was to be ERT on Toro, but that needs to be adjusted. Early ERT on Nitro and Batman.

Anthony Murphy

Published: August 22, 2013 at 4:22 PM

As another Six Flags writer on here, I commend you for a very good and overlooked deal at the Six Flags Parks.

I think the difference has to do with which park we are discussing. Is a good deal at SFGA in Illinois? Sure, but I really can't think of a time where I ate twice in the park. SFGA, for better or worse, is in Gurnee which is a very popular rest stop full of higher end chain resturants (think right outside of WDW in the Crossroads). Its also less than a mile away from the largest mall in Illinois (along with multiple food options). In the long run, this does save tons of money, but SFGA's problem is that it is not a two meal park!

Russell Meyer

Published: August 23, 2013 at 7:19 AM

I see where you're coming from Anthony. Six Flags America isn't a 2-meal park either, which is why we adjusted our typical arrival and departure times to the park to make sure we could get 2 meals from each visit. This strategy is probably useless at the more popular Six Flags parks where getting there at rope drop is practically a necessity (SFGA, STOT, SFGAdv, SFOG, SFMM, and SFNE). While we weren't getting the first rides of the day at 2:00 PM, the lines were not that bad most of the days we were in the park, and were still able to get to everything we wanted in less than 4 hours, including eating 2 meals.

Six Flags America has some restuarants close by, but it's still nearly a 60 minute round trip from the time you walk out of the front gate until you're back in the park for a simple fast food meal. SFGAdv SFMM, and SFNE are practically on an island, and you'd probably be looking at 90 minutes or more to leave the park for a meal (just walking to your car at SFMM could take 10-15 minutes).

My biggest probalem with the meal plan has been variety, which does appear to vary from park to park (SFGAdv seemed to have a much more robust menu selection, but you're still getting fries with just about every entree).