James Koehl

Published: May 1, 2014 at 4:33 PM

I'm glad that Pink's decided to open a restaurant at Cedar Point a few years ago. Last year on opening day, after riding GateKeeper for the first time, my son and I decided to grab an early lunch at Pink's. While we were sitting there eating I saw a guy standing there watching the diners in the dining room. He looked like a guy I saw in lots of the pictures decorating the walls, so I went up and asked him if he was the same guy. He was- Mr. Pink himself. Turns out he comes for opening day of Cedar Point every year to be sure everything is in order. He was a really nice guy- we chatted for a few minutes- I told him that his fries were almost as good as Mama Berardi's fries (she ran a concession at Cedar Point for decades and is still remembered fondly by many "old timers"- or so I'm told ;+) I then went back to finish my terrific dog- don't remember what kind I got that day. I saw him introduce himself to several of the workers and guests there that day.