Gabriel Schroll

Published: July 9, 2014 at 9:34 PM

Too bad the roller coaster "King Cobra" was at King's Island, as it'd be easy to rename it "King James". Or maybe they could have renamed Son of Beast "Royal Pain".

I rarely go to Sea World, but when I do, I really enjoy just watching the sea mammals. They are amazing creatures and I'm glad to hear they have solid life expectancies. One never really knows what goes on at a park like that behind the scenes, but I believe they're treated well.

I saw an elephant poop at Animal Kingdom. It was one of the funnies things I've ever seen!

Eric Orlando

Published: July 10, 2014 at 5:22 AM

I'm sorry but all I can do is laugh at the Disney story. I really am LOL right now. This is from the end of the article.

Conclusion (and myth busted): Time of day does not significantly change the probability of spotting animals.

What a non story. Yes that conclusion is correct. Time of day will not affect your probability of seeing an animal. Time of day will however affect your chances of seeing the animals in a much better mood. Early in the morning or later in the evening the animals are much more active.

This is either thinly veiled marketing that didn't understand what the talk was about or Disney trying to spin it and change what was being discussed. Given Disney these days, I would say the latter.