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"Four-Hour" Theme Park Tour Plans

Vacation ought to be fun. So why should visiting a theme park require the same advance planning as a trip to the Moon?

Many guidebooks and websites offer tour plans that take all day and include many second-tier attractions that aren't worth the frustration of waiting and walking all day in a hot and crowded theme park. How good a deal is your vacation if no one enjoys it?

Relax, and let Theme Park Insider guide your day. Our "Four-Hour Tour" plans are designed to help you (and your family) see a park's best attractions before anyone can get tired and cranky. Each trip itinerary focuses on quality over quantity -- on enjoying your vacation, not just racking up a massive number of rides.

We give you the phone numbers to call to make advance reservations, websites to visit to buy tickets before you get to the parks and an itinerary that takes you to the best of the best in each park... before lunch.

After that... it's up to you. Go back to the hotel for a swim, or a nap. Go see a movie. Or head back into the park, to wander and enjoy whatever you find there, freed from the pressure of having to wait in long lines for top attractions -- because you've already seen them.

Let the collective experience of thousands of other theme park visitors guide your day... so that you can enjoy your vacation, instead of letting it stress you out.

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For whom are these tour plans designed?

Our "Four-Hour Tours" are intended for first-time or infrequent visitors, who are looking for an easy, stress-free introduction to the best of what's available in each park. In addition, these tours are designed for groups or families where all visitors are at least six years of age or older. (If you are traveling with pre-schoolers, in the future we will offer special tour itineraries for those families.)

Do the tour plans really take four hours?

The tours are designed to take about four hours on a busier-than-average day. If you visit on a day with below-average attendance, you could be able to do a tour in two hours or less. But if you planned your trip for one of the very busiest days of the year (Fourth of July week, Christmas week), the tours might go over.

Do note that the four-hour time does not include time spent eating lunch. So if you are scheduling something for the afternoon after one of these tours, add in time for lunch, too.

Finally, the we've added night-time options at a few parks, in case you'd like to return after the morning "Four-Hour Tour" for some highly rated shows and attractions that either are not on during the day (such as fireworks) or better after dark.

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