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How to skip lines at theme parks

How to skip lines at theme parks

October 27, 2016, 10:12 AM · No one likes waiting in lines. Disney and occasionally Universal will try to distract you with elaborately decorates queues for their top attractions, but most of the time, waiting is wasted time in a theme park. And when you are paying up to (or even more than) $100 a day to visit, you should not be wasting any of your time.

So how do you skip the lines at Disney, Universal, Six Flags, and other theme parks? That's the question Natalie and I discuss in this week's Theme Park Insider episode:

You've got three basic options to get out of waiting for any theme park ride: pay, plan, or provoke. Keep reading...

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'Once Upon a Time' replaces 'Celebrate the Magic' at Disney World

October 26, 2016, 11:37 AM · Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is changing its night-time entertainment line-up next week, retiring Celebrate the Magic after a four-year run. Replacing that projection mapping show will be another: Once Upon a Time, which has been playing at Tokyo Disneyland. Keep reading...

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Join us for a Theme Park Insider's birthday adventure!

October 25, 2016, 9:24 PM · If you could ditch work for the day and head to the parks, what would you do?

Okay, covering theme parks is my job, but I always welcome the opportunity to visit the parks just for fun. Since today was my birthday, I decided to leave the computer at home for the day and hit up some of my favorites at the local theme parks. And I invited our Theme Park Insider newsletter subscribers to follow along on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Here's what I did! Keep reading...

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Who started the theme park war between Disney and Universal? This guy

October 24, 2016, 9:26 PM · How did we get from Disneyland, 60-some years ago, to the multi-billion-dollar theme park industry today? If you want to know that answer, you can't look just at what the Walt Disney Company has done for the past six decades. No, to understand truly the modern theme park business, you need to look up the road at what Universal has accomplished, as well.

That's the lesson in Sam Gennawey's latest, JayBangs: How Jay Stein, MCA, & Universal Invented the Modern Theme Park and Beat Disney at Its Own Game. I talked with Sam today about how he got to know Jay Stein and what theme park fans can learn from his story. Keep reading...

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