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Should visitors become characters in a theme park attraction's storyline?

Should visitors become characters in a theme park attraction's storyline?

November 20, 2017, 1:57 PM · What is your role in a theme park attraction?

Hang with me for a moment here, because this question is not as obvious as it first might appear. Sure, your role as a theme park visitor is to be the person who sits there and rides, or watches. But there is a widespread belief among top theme park attraction designers (and many fans!) that visitors ought not be limited to such passive functions — that great theme park attractions create an active narrative role for their guests in the attraction's story.

But what is that role? And what does creating a role for guests in an IP-based attraction mean for the roles of the established characters in that franchise when it becomes a theme park attraction? Can those established roles co-exist and make way for the "characters" played by the guests? Or must established characters move aside in a theme park installation so that the guests can assume the starring roles? Keep reading...

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Disneyland suspends Southern California AP sales once again

November 20, 2017, 8:00 AM · The Disneyland Resort once again has suspended the sale of its Southern California annual pass. In 2014, Disney also dropped the SoCalAP, only to bring back the pass last year. Even though Disneyland is no longer selling the pass to new customers, the SoCal AP remains available via renewal to current passholders. Keep reading...

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It's time to pop theme parks' virtual reality bubble

November 19, 2017, 11:09 AM · I don't care about virtual reality anymore.

Walking the show floor at IAAPA last week did me in for VR. Every year at IAAPA seems to have an official theme — perhaps it is the hive mind of the theme park industry, with vendors all rallying to provide what they see as the hottest thing, and easiest sale, of the moment. Last year it was flying theaters. This year, it was VR. But I just don't care anymore. Keep reading...

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