B-Log Flume (The B is for Bathtime) at Alton Towers

Alton Towers: Alton's Log Flume ride is getting a makeover and a new sponsor.

From Feanaro Helyanwe
Posted January 14, 2004 at 1:11 PM
Alton Towers are having a major overhaul of scenery on their Log Flume, giving it a bathtime theme including showers, rubber ducks and bathtubs to ride it.

Personally (and I think I speak for a lot of people here), I think this is a superb step in the right direction for Tussauds, who have lacked greatly in scenery (for further info read Ben Mills and Colossus ranting).

I feel Tussauds should invest a lot more heavily in this area of park additions, Log Flume was an ideal ride to get a makeover - anyone who's been on it will know it is just basically a log flume, not a patch on Dragon Falls at Chessington.

The last time Tussauds spent money on retheming was on Vampire, which...actually...made the ride worse. Let's hope Log Flume can provide something better.

Just one drawback - Bathtime With Attitude (the new name for the ride) will be sponsored by Cusson's Imperial Leather. So THAT'S where the money for the theming came from!

From Ben Mills
Posted January 14, 2004 at 1:34 PM
I resent that remark about my Colossus anger.

I rant about everything in the Lost City.

And I think its about time that the Log Flume got its update. This whole bathtime stuff has been rumoured (I'm gonna spell that with a 'u', as this is a British thread. Sorry, Robert) for as long as I can remember. And I think its a pretty good idea. They couldn't have gotten much worse than the droll fest that has existed for waaaay too long. This is what Alton Towers needs to be doing aout now: sprucing up their older crummier attractions that do need a touch of theming, like they did with Duel, like they are doing with the Log Flume, and like they should be doing with Air. Man, that thing sucks.

Still, 2004 might be a pretty good year for AT, what with this, Spinball and the supposed new flat ride.

I just can't wait to see the Imperial Leather merchandise!

From Martin Hopwood
Posted January 15, 2004 at 3:30 PM
Where did me comment go Ben?

From Ben Mills
Posted January 16, 2004 at 8:51 AM
I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say...


From Feanaro Helyanwe
Posted January 18, 2004 at 12:04 PM

Look what you've done, you've ACTUALLY LITERALLY made me lose my thread!

From Ben Mills
Posted January 29, 2004 at 11:51 AM
From Screamscape:

"We’ve heard the new name for the ride on the park’s website is “The Flume: Unplugged - by Cussons’ Imperial Leather”."

From Roger Beale
Posted March 3, 2004 at 4:00 AM
OK - so it's great the Log Flume is finally getting a makeover but I'm really not the only person who thinks that 'BATHTIME WITH ATTITUDE' (thank god that's not its name) is a pretty lame theme?

I know, I know its the sponser, but still, the towers can do better than that!

Also, isn't there a log flume in Germany with bath-tub themed logs? Its lame AND unoriginal!

From Rachel North
Posted August 5, 2004 at 8:00 PM
I Believe the name is The Flume: Unplugged and the tagline is Bathtime with Attitude. Frankly I think the retheme was a waste of money. I do agree it was time for something new but why not update it completely eg something like Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park which is what I expected this season. A lick of paint and a big duck... what a disappointment. Come on Tussauds!!

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