Disneyland Paris Trip Report

Disneyland Paris: Here's one family's trip on the EuroStar, across the channel to Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios Paris.

From daniel sears
Posted March 28, 2004 at 5:53 PM
The journey

I’ve been to Disney loads of times. I went on the plain (1999) the ferry (2001) but now it's 2003 and hour family decided to ride the euro star.

We were staying at Disney for 2 weeks (much to long)

We left for waterloo station at about 7. We wanted to catch an early train to Disney.

We caught the train at about 9.00 and the ride on it was fantastic.

The food's not that grate but I’ll live with that.

We got to Disney station at about 12.00 French time. The music that greeted us was lovely.

I was a bit sad. The staff at Disney land station were not helpful and we nearly turned back.

We managed to do what we needed to do in Disney station and rode on a bus (about 5 minutes) to the hotel.

the hotel was called the Cheyenne. It was cowboy themed.

In the reception they were playing cowboy type music which I loved.

The rooms were cozy to. They each had a television

Unfortunately the one in hour room was broken. It’s a shame but I’d been here so many times I know what's what.

We unpacked. My little sister of 7 excited all the time. After the unpacking we went back on the bus to Disney village.

We walked threw the village (I love this place) when we got to Disney land we were told that we weren’t allowed in the park until the next day.

A shame, but we headed for the rainforest cafe. It was a bit busy but we all agreed that we would have tea here.

Day 2

We woke up at 7. We were really excited to hit the parks.

We got dressed got the 845 bus and of we went to Disneyland.

Nothing much had changed since my last visit. We headed straight for adventure land and pirates of the Caribbean.

The ride is a slow one and every time we go on it bores my sister so much. Mum promised that we would go on some thing she liked next.

After the pirates we left the exit decided to skip Indiana (none of us wanted to go on it) and headed for fantasyland.

This is my favorite land. First we rode peter pan's flight. Courtney my sister though it was great and we were allowed to go round twice.

After that we rode it's a small world.

I love the music on this attraction I’ll always remember it.

I know it's slow but when you want a rest it's worthwhile.

We continued around fantasyland going on all the relaxing rides after they were all done we headed for discovery.

We stopped in pizza planet for lunch. Has that been replaced yet?

After lunch mum went on Space Mountain. We didn’t want to go on so we waited at the entrance holding on to some railings.

After that we approached star tours. Mum was scared and even though I tried to reassure her it was good and not at all like Space Mountain she didn’t want to go on.

She never goes on this and we always end up going on with a member of the ride cast.

That was the same this time.

After star tours which was a lot of fun we went back to the Cheyenne got showed and dressed and went back in time for the 3 o’clock parade.

The songs were grate. They get boring but we just had to sing along.

After that we headed over to big thunder mountain. They were having problems with it and we had to come back later.

We had a bit of a relax in the Indian village and then headed back to see if thunder was reopened.

It was and we rode twice.

After thunder we decided to get the Disney land railway around the park.

Although it made a few stops we were glad for a rest.

That night we went to buffalo bill's Wild West show.

It cost loads. It was worthwhile.

The show was fantastic but I think it goes on for a bit to long and soon all 3 of us were asleep.

Day 3

It’s no point doing all the days because most of them were the same. Today we also went to Disney (we can't be dragged away)

We headed for big thunder mountain. But for sum reason frontier land was block of both ways.

So instead we went for fantasyland. It was grate.

We were stuck for 20 minutes on the small world but finally we got out.

Nothing much happened the rest of that day but we saw electric light parade, which was grate.

Final day

So as you know I’ve skipped a lot of my days. This is so I don't repeat myself.

Today we went to Walt Disney studios.

First we had to wait 1.5 hours for the studio tram tour to work. It kept breaking down.

I loved this ride the fire affect was grate.

After the tour we went on sum flying magic carpet thing.

It was good not as good as the tram tour.

We watched the live shows (no comment) missed Armageddon and rock and roller coaster. Are they worthwhile?

We had lunch in planet and then went back in to the park to do sum of hour fave rides one more time.

It was so upsetting. I could hear the parade music I know and love it sounded so lively but yet so sad.

The words to this song "thank you every one 10 years of magic and the fun" brought tears to my eyes.

Mum told me Disney won't be going anywhere and that made me feel better.

We rode phantom manor because we hadn’t done that this year. The staff there was so nice. Mum explained I was blind and the ride operator stooped the ride to let me on.

After that we waited threw more problems at big thunder mountain and had 3 goes on that.

Mum wanted Space Mountain again so we went back there.

She enjoyed it again. After that cortney wanted another go on star tours.

I tried and tried to explain to mum what star wars was about and guess what! She came on.

We had to go on 2 boats. The first time some one was sick and we had to get of and the second time me and cortney loved it but mum felt very sick as we went back to Disney village station.

By now it was late and we could the Wild West show just about to start.

We bought a CD to remind me of this trip and have we gone.

I’m hoping to go back soon. I can't really fault Disney. The rides the shows and the restaurants will live for ever in my mind.

Even as I’m writing this report I can't help but cry and remember the lovely theme park I left behind.

On the way back we played the CD. It had the parade music on it plus the music for phantom manor thunder mountain star tours and a few others.

For weeks after the trip I cried and cried. I don't think that Disney could live with out me.

From Adrian Walker
Posted April 1, 2004 at 3:26 AM
Think this is better than the British parks?

From daniel sears
Posted April 2, 2004 at 5:45 AM
yes i think it's much better

From daniel sears
Posted November 14, 2004 at 1:41 PM
just to say i went there a few months ago

it was nice to come back

From Vincenzo Di Petta
Posted January 17, 2005 at 8:51 AM
Going to Disneyland Paris is wonderfull. I went there two times, the last in June 2004.

I don't know if there are any ThemePark in Europe better than Disney, but in Paris there is a very magic kingdom for adult and children.

I'll go back in 2006 or 2007!

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