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Legoland California: One Brick at a Time

Legoland California: Someone other than Robert files a trip report from the Carlsbad park!

From Ryan Traylor
Posted August 23, 2004 at 9:50 AM
So the Saturday morning started off just like any other normal SoCal morning. My uncle and I hopped on the freeway heading south to Carlsbad, and in ten minutes we were in traffic. This time it only lasted 10 minutes.

We were on our way to Legoland. A place that I dreamed about as a kid. I was looking for that town where everything was made from Legos and the possibility of running down a street and changing the streets signs.

We arrived shortly before noon and used a coupon from a Ralph's paper bag to get $5 off the ticket price. That was the best discount we could find. I was in the mood to ride some rides and look at models. My uncle can't handle rides, so I think this park was great for him. We checked out the Lego Racer 4D film, the Fairy Tale Brook, the Adventurers, and the Coast Cruise together. I rode Technic Test Track and The Dragon. I must say I enjoyed the dark ride element at the beginning of The Dragon.

And now to Miniland USA. This area is what I wish they could sell as sets. I remember getting the Space Shuttle set as a kid, but the one on display here, WOW! Millions of bricks used to create Florida, New Orleans, SoCal, NoCal, & NYC.

I think the greatest model that they had on display was the Technic T-Rex that was to the right of the park entrance. Not only was the T-Rex about 10 feet tall, but the large Technic pieces were made from smaller regular Lego pieces.

And I did partake of the tent sale. I picked up Jabba's palace for $15.

The only thing the park was missing was a tram like ride that would do a history of Lego. Maybe a monorail, but that's just because I love Disney's monorail system, and I had the first Lego monorail.

Overall, this is definately a children's park. There are no rides to fulfill a coaster enthusiast's empty stomach. But for the child at heart, it will be enjoyed.

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From Jason Lester
Posted August 24, 2004 at 9:13 AM
It was a nice report, but I would have liked it better if there was more detail.

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