Great Day At Hersheypark

Hersheypark: The best trip I ever had at Hersheypark.

From Matt Rogers
Posted June 18, 2005 at 12:04 PM
Yesterday I was finally able to go to Hersheypark after waiting two weeks for good weather. We got there right at park opening so my parents dropped me off at the entrance then I went in and headed to my favorite coaster, Storm Runner. On my way it looked a little different not seeing the Giant Wheel but seeing two kiddie rides there instead.

Storm Runner was a walk on so I went right in and boarded the train. We pulled onto the launch and sat there a few seconds which seems like forever. We then rolled back about a foot, the brakes went down, then over the speakers came the best six words ever. "NOW GET READY, HERE WE GO!" We raced down the launch and then up into a top hat then came straight down into an immelman. We went up a hill and into a heartline roll, then the one of a kind "flying snake dive."
Going straight for the water bellow we sharply bank to the right then left and go into the brake run. The train pulls into the station and we exit.

There was still a short wait so I rode again. I was next in line when a few people came up the exit with a pass. They picked their seats which is the row I wanted to ride in. Everyone else went in while I waited for the next train. Then someone asked me If I would mind waiting because their group wanted to ride together but it got messed up because of the people with passes. Being the good person I am I let them ride together. So I'm next in line and the same thing happens again. So I let their group ride together. So I ride a few more times and then head over to Midway America.

My first stop was Lightning Racer. Unlike some dueling coasters the trains always dispatch together. I rode both sides and realized for some reason Thunder was winning all day. After that I went over to Wildcat. I noticed the trains got new seat dividers which are a little more comfortable if you have a lot of stuff in your pockets. On my way out I saw the same group of people who I met on Storm Runner. We said "Hi" to each other and then I went on Wild Mouse.

After that i went back for a few more rides on Storm Runner. While in line I saw the same group of people again! After getting on the same train with them I went over to Trailblazzer, which has had some major improvements over the years with new brakes and trains.

I then went to ride Comet and Superdooperlooper. Both had new restraints and Comet had the new seat diveders too which was nice because now I fit comfortably. It was now 6 P. M. and I went over to spend the last four hours of the day at Storm Runner. I got about 12 rides in and I was on the last train of the night.

Storm Runner is great at night. I was dead tired on the last ride. As we wet onto the launch I almost fell asleep, literally! The launch woke me up and I could hardly walk out of the park because I was still tired.

So I met the same group of people six times by accident and got a lot of rides on Storm Runner. Overall it was a good day. It rained a little and was a little overcast which was perfect with Storm Runner's theme even though it had to shut down for 10 minutes. I can't wait to go back again!

From David Allen
Posted June 19, 2005 at 10:16 AM
I was at Hersheypark a couple of years back and loved it. Nice park, well run, good food and very well maintained. I would go again if the opportunity arose.

From Jake Strite
Posted October 16, 2007 at 9:04 PM
who can leave Hershey and not be happy? Well, most of the time when I am leaving Hersheypark I look like a desperate fool trying to find rides that have not closed yet for the day. Then theres the long drive home where I fight to stay awake at the wheel!

Who is ready for Fahrenheit!!!! At first all I could think about was another coaster at Hershey with NO or BAD theming!!! But now I am excited, I ventured to Busch Gardens for Halloween instead of Hershey for different coaster thrills for a change, and I found them!!! A.C. front seat at night!!! Anyways... It will be nice to have a new experience at Hersheypark. That first drop is going to be amazing, wish it was a hundred feet taller, but very cool! My biggest wish for Hershey is to get some good theming going on! Busch Gardens does a great job of this, and King's Dom. with Volcano, so many examples, wish they would just spend the extra buck. The Boardwalk was nice, over crowded but nice place to cool yourself off!

Well off the topic again! I always have a great day at Hersheypark! The guest are respectful of property and rules! The park is really cared for, always a fresh coat of paint and the landscaping is beautiful. The rides are well maintained and always running. One concern! too often they don't add the second train on coasters for crowds soon enough, also on wooden coasters I have waited for 10-20 min only to realize they have blocked off entire middle section of the train, to balance the load they say, but plenty of people in line to fill the train completely. Its very dumb! Noticed this a few visits.
Happy 100 Hershey!

From Lawrence Smith
Posted October 29, 2007 at 5:08 AM
I was looking at the Hersheypark website & I noticed they are open for the Christmas season? Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever visited Hershey during the Christmas season? If so, how was your experience?

From Jake Strite
Posted October 31, 2007 at 8:01 PM
Hey Lawrence,
Christmas in Hershey is Great! The park is $10 to enter and includes rides. Most of the rides are kiddie rides but, Train is nice with lots of lights and the monorail is pleasant, nice and warm in extreme cup challenge. More than half the park is open and covered with millions of Christmas lights and tons of Christmas trees! It can be pretty cold some days, but they are ready with Hot Chocolate in souvenir mugs! Before the park Check out Chocolate World for some fun and after the park drive through the Hershey SWEET LIGHTS located across from the park. Its a 2 mile drive though moving light displays and Christmas music being broadcasted on your radio!
Christmas in Hershey is Great for kids! Looking for thrills, not your place, all coasters are closed! The Claw is open for some thrills!
I go the Hershey at Christmas every year, any questions just ask! Also, they have Santa's real life Reindeer on site!

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