Lester In Legoland

Legoland California: Jason Lester visits Legoland and has a mild day with his family.

From Jason Lester
Posted July 16, 2005 at 10:01 PM
Third theme park in two months. Wow. Well anyway, here it goes again.

We went to San Diego (we being my bro, mom, dad, and I) for Comic Con. Upon seeing the crowds we said no way and instead went to Legoland. Legoland is quaint. It reminds me of the European parks where lush ladnscaping leads way to small rides for children with no real rush to get anyway. That it wasn't very crowded adds to that. Anyway, going with the format of my past two reports, here goes. Also, in previous reports I've given ratings to huge coasters. These ratings are on Legoland terms.

After my brother taking a ride on The Royal Joust we took a spin on...

The Dragon: The Dragon isn't Legoland's best ride, nor is it the worst. It falls somewhere in between and actually is extemely short in terms of coaster. The rest is a ride through a castle of 4 or so Lego scenes. The actual coaster part is just a bunch of helixes, but it's fun enough so I give it a 6/10.

Knight's Tournament: Ah, the Robocoaster. A truely unique experience. Something of a carnival ride with a big budget and a twist. You choose your own porgram and I had trouble deciding between 4 and 5. The ride operator said 4 hurt so I went with 5. It was worth it. Some fun flips and turns make this Lego's best ride and earn it a 10/10. I hope to see it in other theme parks and someday in dark ride form. I could see it being used in a Pandora's Box type attraction.

The Hidewaways: After a quick game of tag with my brother we ate at...

Kinght's Table Barbecue which is just okay, but not really recommended.

Fun Town Fire Academy: A pretty fun race between teams to put out a fire and "drive" your truck to the finish as fast as possible. Me and my brother came in second, not bad considering we were competing against teams with adults. 6/10

My brother went for a spin on Driving School now featuring strangely out of place Volvo product placement. There's even a Volvo made out of Legos. All I have to say is, ummm...

Kid Power Tower: I got some good shots from the top, but overall it's not that thrilling. My brother enjoyed it. The view gets it a 5/10.

Fairy Tale Brook: A nice break from walking with some cute things to look out. I liked the mist, especially on a hot day life this one. 5/10

Coastersaurus: Pointless and short, this one is a waste of time. Thank god they let you go around twice because twenty minutes waiting shouldn't lead way to a thirty second ride. 3/10

Aquazone Wave Racers: Pretty fun, but I barely got wet from the water cannons. 6/10

Bionicle Blasters: Just a carnival-style spinning ride with nicer looking cars. Hard to spin also. 4/10

Technic Test Track: The park's good coaster (I don't count Knight's Tournament as one) has a good first drop, a nice shelf of turns, and then just gets slow. But it's fun and that gets it a 7/10.

Safari Trek: The same thing as Fairy Tale Brook, but in cars instead of boats and with safair animals. A bit shorter though and with less atmosphere. 4/10

So that's it. Legoland can be done pretty quickly and needs some more rides. The Robocoaster is a good step forward so we'll have to see what Blackstone can do to the park. Until next time.

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