Rita...does it matter that it's short?

Alton Towers: Rita is a ride that launches you fast. But is it really that good? I get a strange sense of dissapointment on this one.

From Jade Hartwell
Posted July 12, 2006 at 3:49 PM
Everyone has heard about the ride Rita, Queen of Speed. It launches you at 100mph. Is it really worth the queue though? I went on the ride at alton towers, and hadas strange feeling of...is that it? I queued for about an hour for that? I think the start of the ride is amazing, but at the end, you realise apart from the beggining, the ride is pretty dissapointing.

It is voted the best ride ever at Alton Towers, but i think some people are forgetting the classic nemesis, and the out of this world air? They should be the best rides, not some short ride that you get a five second thrill on. I think it's a good ride, but definatly not alton towers's best work.

Who agrees with me on this?

From Ben Mills
Posted July 13, 2006 at 12:40 PM
Ha. Rita is a masterstroke compared to Stealth at Thorpe Park. To be honest, I was expecting to be a little underwhelmed by Rita, but actually thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure, it's a little short -- but what Tussauds rides aren't these days? They've entirely given up on the idea of a feature length ride - shame, given the legacy of the surprisingly lengthy Nemesis - and instead are focusing on a whole host of one-trick ponies.

Still, at least Rita packs a couple of features into it's running time, and the launch is surrounded by the sort of landscaping that truly makes it feel like you're rushing through a wilderness. Stealth merely dumps one in a big open space, and gives us what is merely, in comparison to previous launching coasters anyway, a bump. While Rita attempts to apply the conventions of a true roller coaster, Thorpe's half-hearted attempt is effectively a glorified flat ride.

Despite not reaching a height anywhere near Stealth's peak, or a speed matching it's sister ride's launch, Rita comes out on top, all the way. However, I agree, it pales compared to Nemesis or Air. Having said that, I appreciate that each of Alton Towers' rides are unique and provide different kinds of experiences to each other, and it's foolish to compare them. They're different rides, and the Theme Park and Variations rule simply can't apply.

From Rachael Stainsby
Posted July 15, 2006 at 7:29 AM
I prefer Flamingoland's Velocity ...... i find that rita - as soon as the launch is over... that's it ..... there's nothing more to it .. (still think the rides cool) but prefer nemesis and oblivion anyday! :D

Velocity is such a fab ride.... it's so weird to be sitting on small bikes... such a brilliant experience....

and yeah - i think the short ride time matters a lot

From Rachael Stainsby
Posted July 15, 2006 at 7:29 AM
and yeah it's still worth the wait :)because it still is an okay ride... but not worth buying the priority passes for it ....

From Daniel Hirons
Posted August 6, 2010 at 1:25 AM
i think the ride is brill! its a great adrenalin rush. and when i went on it i really enjoyed it. and to extra enjoyment at the end my older brother (im 12 was 11 when i was there) started shouting "IVE GOT BUM CRAMP" i was laughing like mad ! :D:D

From Jennie Lea
Posted August 7, 2010 at 3:15 AM
Rita doesn't get up to 100mph. It actually only launches at 62 mph which is 100kph. The ride is pretty disappointing as a whole but as one of the first launch coasters it's not bad. I loves the dinosaur/rally theme it had before thirteen was built. Now though it doesn't seem to fit in the dark forest.

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