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Trip Report: Six Flags America

Six Flags America: Decided to stop here while in DC. My take on the closest park to DC

From Alex Silverman
Posted August 28, 2006 at 11:06 AM
I was on a trip in the DC area, so I decided to venture into Maryland to go to Six Flags America. I just read a trip report about Six Flags Darien Lake, and almost every statement in that report rings true about six flags America. I'll only include the coasters and a few other high and low points in this report.
My biggest problem with the park was the fact that so many rides were closed. When I went over to ride Wild One, i noticed that Two-Face: The Flip Side was closed, although it appeared that some work was being done on it. I wasn't that upset because this was the typical boomerang (i think that's the term)forward and back coaster (comparable to Sidewinder at Hershey), which I had been on before. Later in the day it opened back up, but I didn't have the time to ride it. Wild One was a decent wooden coaster. I think it is a bit overrated, but I still liked it. Next, I went into the Gotham City area and hit Jokers' Jinx. I didn't expect much, but I had a good time. It got a bit dull after the launch and the first bit, but a fun ride. As I walked deeper into Gotham City, I noticed that more rides were closed. Most of them were little rides, but I was not at all happy when I saw that Penguin's Blizzard River was closed. i had been told to expect a lot of closed rides, but this ride is a major attraction at Six Flags America. Next, I hit Superman: Ride of Steel, which I had already been on at Darien Lake and New England. Again, it was an awesome ride. S:ROS was my best ride of the day. Next, I hit Batwing, which was the only coaster with a wait over 5 minutes. I waited about 20 minutes for this one. It was my first flying coaster and it was really worth the wait. While it wasn't as good as S:ROS, it was still awesome and easily the second-best ride in the park. Finally, I went on ROAR, which was extremely rough, but loads of fun. I had been on Mind Eraser at other parks and decided I wouldn't waste my time at Six Flags America. Hurricane Harbor was a pretty good time, although a set of four slides was mysteriously closed. Aside from that, the rest of the water park was good. Nothing spectacular, but it was a nice way to cool down on a hot day.

-A few good coasters (S:ROS, Batwing, Wild One, ETC)
-Very Short Lines (except on Batwing)

-Extremely expernsive food and drink ($3.50 for soda/bottled water)
-Many Closed Rides

While I had a decent time overall, I was very upset that so many rides were closed. This really put a damper on my visit.

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted August 28, 2006 at 10:13 PM
Thanx for the report. Seems like that's beginning to be a normal thing these days for Six Flags--rides always closed but we were lucky yesterday at SFOT.

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