Thorpe Park Help Needed...Now

Thorpe Park: Hi guys. Can you (but not literally) give a fellow TPI a hand?!

From Mark Walker
Posted March 10, 2007 at 10:59 AM
Hello fellow TPI’s. It’s not often that I say this, but I need help with a particular theme park, and who better to ask than you guys? Let me explain the situation…

Somewhere in the past, my new college mates and I decided to go somewhere where we could hang out as a group of friends, instead of a group of classmates. We came up with a few ideas, such as a picnic or a day out swimming, and as it so happens one of our ideas was a day out at one of Europe’s best theme parks: Thorpe Park. It sounded great at the time, but no one was sure if we could pull it off. Naturally, being the theme park fan I am, I jumped at the chance and set about doing my research (ticket prices, calendar times etc.) A few days later, I showed them what I found out and that’s when we decided to go to Thorpe Park.

We have a date, a rough number of people (about 11) and an idea of transport (most of us are going by train and the rest of us are probably coming by car), but unfortunately, that’s all we know. Before I continue, I would just like to quickly say that this group I am going with are quite positively the best bunch of people I have ever met, and this trip in particular means a lot to me, which is why I really need your help (more on that later). Anyway, we are all around 16 – 17 years of age so we have no problem with which rides we want to go on, but unfortunately this is where the problems start.

We have decided to book online by getting ‘group tickets’ (group tickets are for groups of more than 10 people, which we have, and these tickets can only be booked online and in advanced) our date is Monday 16th April which means there is a high chance of rainfall (but hopefully global warming will play a part by giving a higher chance of sunshine) and if it does rain then delays will happen. We also haven’t agreed on our route. I suggested going round in a clockwise circle (starting with the Lost City), but other people in group suggested ideas such as running straight for Stealth (I’m a fast runner, but I don’t fancy doing Stealth first thing in the morning after breakfast!) or going in an anti-clockwise direction or doing rides in a particular order (which means more walking/running). I’m staying with my idea for the moment, but despite being the ‘theme park expert’ of the group, I’m actually not certain what to do. Whatever ideas we have, we are still left undecided…

And this is where you come in (yes you, the person who’s reading this article!).

I need help and you guys are the best choice for helping a fellow TPI out. My group can ride almost anything, we have a certain date (and almost time), we have no problem with waking early (hopefully!) and we will only stop for breath when we need lunch! My/our problems are (in no particular order):

1). On the 16th, the park is open from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Crowds should be light because although it’s the day after a two week half-term (Easter) finishes, everyone else (except us!) should be back at school. We want to be early, but how early? Should we arrive when the gates open or before that?

2). We are going to book online, but we don’t know which one of us is going to do it yet. Just in case I ended up doing it (hopefully I won’t, I have no experience at booking online whatsoever) what do I have to do to get online group tickets fast and easy?

3). Ben Mills once did a ‘game plan’ years ago but I think I needs an update or something. It contained good advice, but the last time (about a year ago, but I didn’t do a trip report) I visited, I went in a circle and tried to do as many rides as possible, and it worked (even though Stealth wasn’t open, damn unreliable Intamin and his unreliable hydraulic launched coasters!). What should we do? Should we stick to my original idea or do you have a better idea that I could use?

4). Well number 4 isn’t really a question, but any other advice would be appreciated!

Please! I really need your help on this one, because I really want it to be a fantastic day out, not just for me, but for the whole group as well, they deserve it! I’ll need your answers before the half – term starts (Monday 2nd April) and if you guys can help me out, then I’ll promise I’ll do a trip report as soon as I get back.

Thanks in advance, Mark Walker!

P.S. Unfortunately, Adrian won’t be with on this little adventure, but that accursed nuisance of a brother will join me in future articles!

From Mark Walker
Posted March 11, 2007 at 6:36 AM
I forgot to add, I will probably compare Thorpe Park to my Drayton Manor trip and my latest visit to Islands Of Adventure (if that's possible...) just so you Americans have something to comment on. (Don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys!)

Anyway, can Thorpe Park fans please help me out!

From Mark Walker
Posted March 12, 2007 at 5:53 AM
Ben Mills, Jason Lester, Hannah Maclean, Daniel Sears, Gareth H (etc.), I know your there, please respond!

From julie YARNALL
Posted March 19, 2007 at 3:54 PM
In my opinion 16th April is far too close to the school holidays. Different schools have different holidays and you are bound to meet more than the average number of kids on this day. Having said that easter holiday days at to tend to be quiter than other holidays I think as people haven't yet got round to realising its open!

You get tickets for £21.60 if you have a group more than 10 online but far better to visit Woolworths at the mo! They are doing their yearly offer of spend £10 in store (easy done with easter coming) and they will give you a two for one offer. A much bigger saving.

I'd say getting to the park early is definately worth it and go to the back of the park and get on stealth first. 9.30 should get you in early enough.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your day.

From Mark Walker
Posted March 21, 2007 at 12:28 AM
Thanks Julie, appreciate it!

Any other help or advice would be great!

From Mark Walker
Posted March 24, 2007 at 1:17 AM
Bad news guys, we have postponed the date and we will be going much later, so don't expect a trip report anytime soon...

I would still like advice though!

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted March 26, 2007 at 12:33 PM
I've never been to the park but if you don't mind me putting my two cents worth in, if the group is divided on which direction, why not just split up those who want to go one way, go that way & vice--versa. I realize the want of doing things all together as a group but it would save a lot of arguing & both 'sides' will get what they want. You can then schedule a time & place to meet for lunch or if no lunch, then schedule a time/place to meet later on to catch up or meet to leave for the day. Get some walkie-talkies if needed, one for each group. That way you can still keep up w/each other but still do what you want too, they're not that expensive & very portable. We recently purchased walkie talkies & they do come in handy. We've used them on two different occasions so far. Last time was at SFFTx & they do come in handy. Anyhoo, it's just a thought. Good luck w/your trip, I hope everything goes as planned.

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