Dollywood Trip Report

Dollywood: We headed to Dollywood on Friday May 11th, we got there at about 9:45am, it was alot more crowded than I expected it to be.

From Christy Shuman
Posted May 14, 2007 at 10:10 PM
Well, I took a family vacation to the great smokies with my boyfriend, daughter, mother, and stepfather. We left early thursday morning May 10th at around 8:30am, and got there about 5pm to see our huge and awesome log cabin we had rented. It had a private outdoor heated swimming pool with a spa/jacuzzi on the deck. Anyway we headed to Dollywood on Friday May 11th, we got there at about 9:45am, it was alot more crowded than I expected it to be. Why were there so many kids there at 10am, was it a teacher workday? lol But actually for it to be so crowded the lines really were not that bad.

Dollywood is a very family oriented park, they are so organized and have the nicest people working there and the fastest ride ops I have ever seen. Unlike kings dominion where they are all uncaring teenagers. I had a great time with just a couple complaints. 1. Thunderhead was closed all freaking day!!! Whats up with that? I was really looking forward to this woodie and adding it to my credits. 2. I know its in the mountains, but man walking up those hills can be very exausting, especially walking up to mysery mine and mountain slidewinder. Well here is a report on the rides my daughter rode. She's 4 by the way.

Flying Elephants- she absolutly loved this
Busy Bees, Dollywood express, Lemon twist, Lucky ducky and her favortie was Rockin Roadway.

Now here are the coasters and water rides we rode.

Mountain Slidewinder- 1st ride was about a 5 minute wait, but when we came back later, it was about a 30min wait. This was really fun especially slamming into the walls going around the corners, I swear I just knew the boat was going to flip us out. By the way if you sit in the back, you will get totally drenched.

Daredevil falls- rode once- about a 10min wait at 11am. This is very relaxing and a good cool off at the splash down.

River rampage- I like this one about the same as KD's, its fun and you get pretty wet, about a 20min wait mid day.

Blazing fury- This was so neat, I actually got my mom to ride this with me and she hates roller coasters but she loved this one, the drops were great and theming was funny inside very enjoyable. about a 25min wait mid day.

Tenesee Tornado- Undoubtably the best/smoothest Arrow coaster I have ever ridden. I couldnt believe how smooth it was to be an Arrow. Oh man and it was loop after loop just plain fun the whole ride. My favorite part of the ride was the very end when my butt literally flew outof my seat. About a 30min wait due to the fact they only had 1 train going.

Mystery Mine- 1st ride was about a 45 min wait but the line moves pretty fast. The 2nd time was only about a 20 min wait which was mid day, I thought that was weird. MM is themed very well but there just was not enough thrill for me I guess, and is a weebit on the rough side with those restraints, the last time I rode it I wacked both my ears to where they felt like they were on fire the rest of the day. But I have to say the ending of MM is GREAT with the 95 degree drop and the corkscrew and immelman, you even get some hangtime in the immelman. Great ride but I'm afraid it wont age well unless they get some other kind of restraints.

Well folks thats all DW is a great family park!!!

From Betty Rohrer
Posted May 15, 2007 at 6:58 PM
tornado is still my favorite Dollywood coaster. my young grandson agrees with your daughter on favorite rides. he can find the train anywhere he hears it in the park. Hope to get him down this year.

From Jordi Dunn
Posted July 3, 2007 at 7:24 AM
I think every school system within a 2 hour radius goes to Dollywood for an end of the year trip. I know we went almost 10 times during my entire school life. Everyone rushes to MM and Thunderhead when the park opens so then by midday most of those people have made their ways to the other side of the park. While Dollywood may not be as big and have as many coasters as other parks I still love going!

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