Changes for the better?

Six Flags America: A trip report.

From Lawrence Smith
Posted July 23, 2007 at 5:01 AM
Since this is my local park (about 10 minutes away from me) my buddy & I decided to take a quick get away & get some riding & swimming in on Saturday. We decided to get in a few hours at SFA. The first change we noticed right away was when we arrived, we had to park in the overflow parking lot. However, SFA now has trams running which take you to the front gates. While riding the tram to the entrance, several young men were being disruptive,using profanity & sitting about seven in a row (the trams hold four in a row). Upon witnessing the behavior, the operator immediately stopped the tram & politely informed the young men this was a family park, there were kids around, and asked them to watch their language. He then told them they had to be properly seated before riding. After hearing this, the young men got their act together, zipped their lips, and found a seat. I was quite impressed. During our time there, the rides were mostly running at full capacity with all trains operating (Batwing the only exception...It only had one). Also, noticed that the park was greatly staffed. They had workers sweeping up trash, the park was clean, management was walking around greeting the visitors, they have changed their shows after running the same ones for about 5 years I think. They even now have a daily parade at 4:00pm, featuring various Justice League characters and some other characters for the kids. Given it's reputation as being a "ghetto" park, I must say I was completely surprised by this experience and hopefully, this will continue to be an ongoing experience while visiting this park. I am curious, has anyone else noticed the changes as of late? If so, has it been consistent or did I just catch the park on a good day?

From Tyler W.
Posted July 23, 2007 at 9:19 AM
Glad to see they're making changes for the better.

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