Price break down

Six Flags Great America: to much confusion on price so I broke it down ( i Think)

From roberto dominguez
Posted August 13, 2007 at 4:18 PM
I've been looking for price deals for great america for about a month now and this is what I have come up with. I have two children and my wife and I.
General admin $55.00 adult, $35.00 child.
You can get coupons from coke cans, and other promos but they only offer $15.00 off general (adult) ticket.
On line tickets from the parks web site are $40.00 for adult $35.00 for kids.
Ebay... For get it no deals their some people are bidding as much as a regular web priced ticket and more.

What I found is this.
The parks web price also has a promo that if you buy 3 tickets you get one free so thats $120.00 for four tickets.
And since we are going for two days , acording to the cust service person I called on the sites number once in the park you can buy a next day ticket for $20.00 each. Thats two days 4 people for $200.00 . That breaks down to $25.00 each per day.
I looked at season passes but this late in the season I dont know that we would take another trip this year. but with that its $95.00 each so if you buy 2 and print the coupons on line for bring a friend for $20.00 would bring the price to $270. for 2 days but you get discount to use in the park that would make it worth it plus If you make another trip later in the year for a family of four it would only be $40. or $10.00 each per day after that.

If anyone has any better deals then that I would love to hear how.

I think my family will be going at least 3 times next year so I'll prob just get season passes but would still like to hear if I missed anything

From Anthony Murphy
Posted August 15, 2007 at 6:18 PM
Nope, you got it!

It is worth getting the Season Pass! You actually get a book of discounts in the park and on admission for your friends. Its a really good deal and allows you to go to any Six Flags Park including Fright Fest! Also, the parking pass is $60, which actually pays for itself in two visits because you get to park in the front of the parking lot!

But yeah, SFGA is one of the better SF parks so Season Passes are great! You also get a discount if you buy them in fours!

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