Universal Studios Hollywood: What does it need?

Universal Studios Hollywood: Its been a topic talked about for years. What does USH need to make it a better park?

From Dan Rosenberg
Posted April 27, 2008 at 2:31 PM
In my opinion, they should get rid of Effects Stages and make a ride like Test Track but Fast And The Furious themed. What Do you think?

From Jack Williams
Posted April 27, 2008 at 6:00 PM
I think they should make west coast versions of rides that are really popular in Orlando. For instance, Spidey is considered one of the best rides ever built. So, to attract more visitors (and vie against Disney), why don't they replace Backdraft and Effects Stages with it? The ride would have been already designed, and it wouldn't be that hard to put into that space (maybe a bit of expansion, but still). Then, Men in Black could take up the space that houses a couple of the "less than satisfactory" shows. To compensate for lack of shows, Universal could convert some of the movie set streets into shows, using the actual streets for sets ( a la the Indiana Jones show coming to Disneyland now).

Beyond that, there are plenty of other titles that could make new original rides. Madagascar could make a new kiddie water ride and playground; perhaps bring back the Star Trek concept for a new ride; even Alien could have an attraction built (Disney's losing the MGM properties anyways, so that wouldn't object to the Great Movie Ride attraction).

So yeah, those are just some ideas to make USH better. Hopefully, they can put more spidey, more men in black, and less fear factor live.

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