Hershey Trip Report 7/19/08

Hersheypark: My great day at the park!

From Justin Spisto
Posted July 20, 2008 at 4:25 PM
On Saturday me, my brother, my mom, my aunt and my cousin plan to take a one day/night trip to Hershey Park. We left Staten Island around 7:45 am and arrived at Hershey Pennsylvania around 10:30. We checked in at the Best Western, by the time we got to the park it was 11. I was expecting huge crowds since it was a Saturday in July, but the line situation was not too bad since most of the people were at the Boardwalk. None of the lines were over an hour except for Fahrenheit. I was excited for the park since the last time I went was 2005. Nothing has really changed except for the area around Midway America. The service was excellent and the park was clean like usual. We rode all the coasters we wanted to at least twice. This is why Hershey is one of my favorite parks. Now on to the coaster reviews. (Sorry for no pictures when we arrived at the park I realized I forgot my camera).

1.Fahrenheit 2x- Wow. This coaster was everything I expected to be. The first drop was amazing, the Norwegian loop was even better. The coaster Maintained good speed throughout and had some nice pops of airtime. The vertical lift was amazing. Themeing was somewhat non-existent but it’s hard to theme a ride around Temperature. I waited an hour and a half both times but it was well worth it. I rode once at night once during the day. Great ride but still Second Fiddle to Stormrunner IMO. 9.5/10

2.Stormrunner 3x- This ride never ceases to amaze me. It still packs a punch after 4 years. There is nothing not to like about this ride, speed, airtime and inversions there is nothing not to like. Also the wait was only 25 each time! The ride ops on this coaster Saturday were doing a fantastic job. Still the best in the park! 10/10

3.Wildcat 2x- Ouch, ouch, airtime, ouch, ouch. That is still the description of this ride. I sat in the back row both times. It was also a walk on both times. It is still a fun ride with some good air. 8/10

4.Lighting Racer 4x- Best 2 woodies in the park. This ride is just a buttload of fun. No matter what side you choose it’s always fun. I prefer Lighting. My record for the day was not good I went 1-3. Only winning once with Lighting. We rode each side twice. It is really awesome how this ride always has a little or no wait. The fun factor is just off the charts! 9/10

5.Great Bear 2x- This was the only ride I had beef with the entire day. The line was ridiculously long and it really shouldn’t have been. The operators straight out sucked. They were slow with unloading and dispatching, and on top of that they were stacking trains. Also the ride was not as good as I remembered after the Zero G-roll the ride just seems to meander around till the brake. Sure there is the flatspin but even that was just like blah. I was a little disappointed with the Bear Saturday. 8/10

6.Sooper Dooper Looper 3x- It was fun. That’s all I can really say. There is nothing special about it. It is not like the other Schwarzkoph’s I heard about. But it was still fun. 6/10

7.Comet 1x- This ride had the slowest moving line in the park so we only rode once. It was a fun old woodie with some nice pops of air. 7/10

8.Sidewinder 1x- Your run-of-the-mill Boomerang. It was almost a hassle to ride it. I don’t really enjoy them. 5/10

9.Wild Mouse 1x- From what I have heard this is supposedly one of the best Mouse’s around. It sure was. I nick named it the wild mouse of doom. You really fly around the turns. 7/10

Overall I had a great day at Hershey park, like every time I go !

From Nick S
Posted July 20, 2008 at 5:13 PM
Nice trip report Justin. I've been to Hershey so many times, and I never get tired of it. It's a beautiful park. Hershey does have one of the best wild mouse coasters around. I can't wait to ride Fahrenheit. It looks so awesome! I might take a trip to either Hershey or Dorney in August.

From Justin Spisto
Posted July 20, 2008 at 5:22 PM
Take a trip to Hershey it is well worth it. Fahrenheit meets the expectations of the hype.

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