Three new parks for my list...yea!!!!!

Six Flags New England: Got to add 3 new parks...SFNE, Darien Lakes & SeaBreeze!

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted September 7, 2008 at 3:50 PM
Just wanted to give my reviews of my recent trip. Firstly I DO hafta say I'm a stupid idiot for not planning (or even THINKING) properly. I completely forgot about Lake Compounce & Lake George. Well Lake George I wasn't sure about going to since it was about a 2 hr drive but I cudda done it anyway. Well, my week didn't plan out as scheduled. A g-friend I was going to visit w/while up there changed times on our visit since she found out she had to wk late at the last minute & we went back & forth on the day(s) to visit so I had to find stuff to do for the extra time I had so that's why I cudda went to Lake George afterall but I cannot BELIEVE I forgot about Lake Compounce, I'm kicking myself in the rear for forgetting about it! I cudda went! I'm so mad at myself coz now I hafta go back instead of getting them all in one trip like a smart person wudda done. But despite all that, lol, here's a synopsis of my trip:
I missed my plane because my hubby wouldn't drive me so I had to find the park & fly which I couldn't find due to NO signs whatsoever plus I found out when I finally DID find the parking lots, they changed their company name but not the sign so I kept passing it, I ended up missing the plane which got me on a later flight so I didn't get to Hartford til after 4pm. I was supposed to get there around 1pm (so see I cudda went to Lake Compounce, at least for a short visit) but that's another story.
Went to SFNE on Monday & was pretty much done by probably 2 or 3pm. I found it funny that it was right smack dab in the middle of town. I didn't even see the park til I was right upon it. Very strange location but intriguing nonetheless. I went ahead & splurged on the Gold Flash Pass since there were a lot of ppl there that day, I REALLY didn't feel like waiting long. The employees throughout the park seemed nice though but I didn't like the fact that I had to waste almost an hour to get the flash pass...having to watch that instructional video when the counter person could've just told me how to use it, plus they give you a brochure with instructions on it as well, so what's the point of making us wait an extra hour or so just to get the same instruction anyway! When I went to turn it back in, the counter person argued w/me when I asked for one of those frequent renters cards (so I don't hafta stand in line again for the video for the next time). I told her the other counter guy didn't give me one, I only got the brochure & nothing else but she lightly argued w/me although she gave me another one anyway. She wasn't hateful at all but she cudda just took my word for it, perhaps I threw it away unknowingly, I dunno but I should've been told the card was in the brochure stuffs he gave me earlier but I swear I didn't see it in there and I cud swear I didn't see him put one in there either but I got one & that's all that matters. I DO luv the fact that you can now program the ride reservations directly onto the device rather than having to walk to each individual ride but hate that it can only be one at a time but that's good in a way since I may not make it to the other rides in time. I first went to Thunderbolt...I liked it. Very nostalgic. Went to get some souvenirs on the way to Superman. I like the fact that they have lockers to use for our bag stuffs but don't like the fact we have a piece of paper to keep up with. What if it gets wet or lost somehow? I think they should have keys w/a stretchy band on them. If they get wet it won't matter plus you can wear it on your arm to keep up with or put it in your pocket/on your belt, etc. but I dunno about the all day lockers, they may have keys instead of the paper. Anyway, I rode Superman which I thought would be scary but it really was fantastic (well, after that first drop, lol)! & SMOOOTH! Well the FIRST time. I got in the single rider line. The first time I got to ride more towards the front but the second time I rode it (was later on after I rode everything else) I sat towards the back & that scared the pants off me! I was cursing the entire time! (which says alot since I normally don't) so let's just say, I won't be sitting anywhere near the back again on that one! I somehow forgot about the "whip factor" that you get over the hills. Next I rode Batman twice. LOVED it too. It looked scary but really wasn't & I really enjoyed it. A little headbanging but nothing like Mind Eraser! That was just plain awful! I only rode that one once! I needed to eat but didn't like having to pay $9 for a burger/fries but I expected that. I just wish that the clerk would've been more inclined to tell the guy in front of me to step aside to take my order & the other ppls orders. The cust. kept wanting to know where his order was & he kept telling the guy that it'd be a few minutes since there were a lot of orders to fill. Finally got my order. I was third in line but took like 20 or so minutes just to order. Really wasn't organized as far as cust. service goes. Ate my burger...all of it & it was huge but wasn't going to waste $9. Cudn't eat all the fries though..I really didn't want the fries but they came w/the burger anyway. He actually gave me the wrong order but I wasn't going to argue since I waited too long for it anyway. Then I rode Kontiki which is always one of my fave type of rides. Then I walked around, shopped, rode Superman for the second time then Thunderbolt again then went to the other side of the park. Rode Pandamonium...very fast & fun. Forgot to take my hat off so I ALMOST lost it! Didn't ride Cyclone though. Maybe next time. Rode the Houdini ride which was quite unique but where you go into the line que...STANK SO bad of garbage! It looked real dirty & trashy there too. No trash laying around, just dirty & had that 'trashy' look to it. The cleanup ppl REALLY need to do something about that. After that, I didn't realize that Houdini was RIGHT there at the entrance so I rode the cable car across to the other side & as I was leaving I found that it was indeed by the entrance so I felt kinda stupid, lol. Some of the milder family type rides seemed to be closed & some I just didn't bother standing in line for so I finally left around 5pm I think.
The next day I left for Buffalo & Darien Lakes. I really liked this park too. Located in 'cowtown' as I called it...out in the pasture looking areas in the middle of seemingly nowhere which I thought was neat & luved it nonetheless. The first thing I noticed coming into the lot was the gigantic water keg that dumps water on everything/everyone. The waterpark looked SOOO kewl. Found out that MotoCoaster was closed for that day which was disappointing. I decided again, since I had my new small carry pack w/me, I'd do my shopping as I walked around whereas normally, I do it all afterwards. So I bought some souvineers since most of the rides weren't open yet. I did ride Viper (I skipped Mind Eraser here since it was the same thing at SFNE, figured just as much headbanging). Viper was great except for the jerkyness & slight earbanging but wasn't too bad. I loved the fact that the putt putt course was in the middle of the coaster area. That was a neat way to utilize space. Perhaps SFMM will do that w/Scream?? Just a thought. Anyhoo, walked basically around the park in the loop. Went to MotoCoaster & took photos. Skipped the boomerang coaster since I really had no need for it, lol. We have two here I can ride anytime. Then I rode Predator. I didn't know the back would be so bumpy so the next time if I get to go back & it's still there, I'll try more towards the front. I don't usually make a final decision to avoid a coaster til I tried it in more than one seat, well the Texas Giant is the exception, so is Hurler. Anyways I rode that one & by that time, RoS was open. I was, however, smart enuf to go ahead & get in line for it because by the time I got off of it, the line had gotten long. I was disappointed in this ride because it felt rough like 'worn out' type of rough. I didn't like the jerky directional changes but I'm willing to try this one again sitting more towards the middle. I rode in the second car I think, back seat. Maybe third car but I'd try it again. I did like the ride itself though, the layout was different than SFNE but not as long though. I found it strange that it had two helixes & not much else, a few hills, I wudda thought there would be some other element in there instead of having two of the same thing. So it was a bit short but that maybe all a person needs for this one, lol. I rode the Sleighride, similar to Kontiki & ate at Subway, ate some ice cream, played the mini-golf. I went to get on the log ride but it had a longer line than what I wanted to wait for so after that, there really wasn't anything else to do. The larger raft ride was also closed; there were bumper boats but it looked as if they weren't open so I decided to go ahead & leave. I rested on a bench in front of the water park, near the entrance & I heard some commotion behind me & apparantly, a man had a heart attack just a few feet behind me, or something happened to him, & the paramedics were called in but he was being worked on trying to be revived by medical ppl there at the park til the medics arrived. They were still trying to revive him as they were leaving so I HOPE & prayed that he would be okay so if anyone heard about it & knows something, it'd be nice to know if he made it okay. So after that I decided to go ahead & leave. It took me over 30 minutes to find my car. I kept walking around the parking lot trying to find it since I lost my pen I didn't write down the number but I knew WHERE it was, I just couldn't find it. Weird huh. (that's why I have my hubby go w/me to these things so he can help me remember! But he wasn't there) :( Finally found it & drove to Rochester, spent the night. Went to Seabreeze on Wednesday. I liked Seabreeze too, it's a quaint little family type park & just loved it. Most of the rides didn't open til noon so that was a bummer but I got to ride Jack Rabbit twice in a row. Luved Jack Rabbit. Now THAT'S a coaster! Not rough or jerky, just plain fun! Small but great. Walked thru the shops, didn't find anything to buy though. Walked down to the bobsleds, rode that. By that time it was noon & WhirlWind opened so I rode WhirlWind. That looked scary but really wasn't. The only scary part for me was after the first drop it came & looped around, well that sharp turn after it came up then back around, that worried me a little bit but the rest was great. I rode the carousel, took pix of everything in the carousel building. I luved the music/band organ they had in there, very neat & it actually worked! It provided the actual music for the carousel. Then I ate a burger & tried not to let the birds have it! ;) Played balloon darts & won a bear which I gave to my g-friend who lives in that area that I went to visit the next evening. That was basically it. Didn't partake in any of the water parks, I really don't like water parks much at all so I just went & played putt putt just down the road from the park, drove around a little & went back to the hotel & rented another night. Since my g-friend had to wk & hadn't planned on Lake George, that gave me nothing to do so I played putt putt down from the hotel (there seems to be a lot of those around there). It was raining lightly & was VERY chilly too wheras the week so far had been partly cloudy but hot. Before I went to putt putt, I ate in the car & as I was eating, a lady in a truck ran into another car at the corner there. All I heard was sqalling tires & saw smoke from the tires as I looked up so I dunno if she was driving too fast (hince all the smoke from the sqalling tires), ran a red light or if the man in the car just didn't yield or if he ran a red light, I really dunno...I didn't SEE it happen, just looked up as she hit the car. The lady in the truck hit the car pretty good. The front part of the car where it was hit got stuck onto the truck. The man driving plus the girl who was the passenger in the car could get out but no one could close the passenger door, it seemed stuck onto the truck too. The firetruck & EMS came just very quickly after that. Dunno why the firetruck came but I guess they all come if there's an accident. Luckily the traffic area wasn't blocked & ppl could get around the accident but by the time I finished eating, the mess was still there so I went out a different way to the putt putt which was basically right next door. Played mini-golf in the light rain. Had a buy one--get one free coupon so I got to play two games (both courses). Piddled around inside afterwards. They had games & go-carts but due to the rain the go-carts were closed at the moment so I played skeeball since I won two coins playing mini-golf. Gave some coupons to a young girl (I didn't need them). Went to the mall & piddled there. Since I had free time wanted to see a movie but in that whole area where I was, there was NO theatre! Not even in the mall! Very weird. I guess ppl spend there time playing mini-golf instead huh. I visited my friend later on & flew back the next day. That's about it. Sorry if my report babbled on too much, I know most of the info y'all probably don't care to know but that was my trip. I took photos but they just didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. I hope to go back w/my hubby this time & maybe get to Lake Compounce & Lake George next time too!

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted September 6, 2008 at 11:42 AM
I meant to say in the beginning that my hubby wouldn't drive me to the airport as he usually does, hince the need for the park & fly. Just thought I'd correct that in case y'all were wondering about that. I also forgot to mention that I rode the log ride at Seabreeze but that one, although very neat, was really jerky/hard jerky when it hits the corners. I've never been on a log ride that hit that hard to fling me sidways off balance but I did get rather wet on it though I must say.

From James Rao
Posted September 8, 2008 at 7:58 AM
Adrienne, thanks for the report(s). Sounds like you had a very eventful excursion! A heart attack, a car wreck, and a few coasters. What could be better? ;)

From Missy Renee
Posted September 9, 2008 at 6:41 AM
Wow...your trip makes all of mine seem boring by comparison. Why can't I ever find all of the excitement?

It sounds like you had a good time, and was a fun trip report to read. Thanks for sharing!

From Adrienne McDonald
Posted September 14, 2008 at 1:24 AM
Thanx for the compliments & replies, I do tend to babble so I apologize for that but mentioned the other stuff since it's not a usual thing to expect to happen on trips ya know. I just hope that the man at Darien Lakes turned out all right!

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