Trip Report: Universal Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood: A quick report on what's up at Universal Hollywood, including USH's new holiday parade.

From JP parking Guy
Posted December 2, 2002 at 10:19 PM
In a rare stint I actually had a Sunday off and decided to go to the park with my family. Caught a couple of rides BTTF, Special Effects Show, Jurrasic, holiday parade and Mummy. Wanted to go on the tour to see what they've done for the holidays except we ran out of time. The park looks great for the Holidays so definately go if u have the chance. The parade was great! Disney Level! Sponge boob, Beetlejuice, and Santa; What a funky mix. A side note would that they seem to be taking construction on shrek on a snails pace. A good portion of the Rugrats stuff is still up. Maybe they are waiting for the last minute to complete the work. Work inside also seems to going quite slow from what I understand. Maybe our TOUR GUIDE can help us out? None the less if u want to catch the parade on the weekend or everyday after xmas til new years.

From Kevin Baxter
Posted December 3, 2002 at 2:28 AM
Sponge boob! ROFL! Perfect typo there, JP!

Okay, why was it that USH didn't bother letting us know there would be holiday stuff there? I am an AP holder and I heard NOTHING. Yet USF blabbed about it's Macy's parade all over the place. Heaven forbid they advertise a little!

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