Plan Your Day - Kings Island

Kings Island: We kick off this season's collection of "Plan Your Day" Game Plans with Kings Island, outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

From Steve Carter
Posted March 11, 2003 at 8:42 PM
Ok, I have been to this place over 200 times. I know exactly what to do first and how the lines on a avredge day will be. Even though they are not the best rides in the park, its best to go to the Action Zone first and if its busy and you want to do the skycoaster or sling shot some time throughout the day its best to decide the time first. After that ride Drop Zone. It will have at least a hour long line all day at the least if it is summer. Then ride Son of Beast. Since your in the area and its a low-capacity line. Ride FAce/Off, its a lot funner than it looks. It should be around 11 or 12 or mayby even one. Ride Top Gun next, it is the best suspended swinging coaster I have ridden. Now make sure you get out of this area to ride Flight of Fear. It should be a 60 - 90 minuite line but worth it. Then go straight back to the Beast, the beast ride in the park. Now you will probaly want to ride it at least 2 more times. After that if you are hungry, eat at LaRossa pizza (either in front gate area or the purple building that plainly says PIZZA.) Now ride Vortex, itr has aged pretty decently for a Arrow looper but it still bang your head badly in some seat. Ride it in the very front or very back. Since it is right there ride Racer backwards. Heading back to the action zone for re-rides and probaly your skycoaster or sling shot ride, ride son of beaat again.

Ride Adventure Express now, the best mine train ANYWHERE. It is actualy pretty fun. If you have time go ride some of the kiddies coasters, there pretty good actualy. After soem Beats re-rides at night, the park is usualy closed. This was a guide for people who do not come here often. I never use this order that much. If your visiting from say Florida or something this is the beast plan. Oh right Tomb Raider, I forgot about that. I have never ridden it because of lines so I do not have a opinion on it. Ok, that is a avredge day for a tourist at Kings Island.

From Steve Carter
Posted January 6, 2003 at 5:12 PM
sorry, i forgot paragraphs. just try your best reading it, its not to long.

From David Allen
Posted March 11, 2003 at 10:59 PM
Unless internal injuries are your thing....skip Son of Beast!

My gut hurt for hours after riding that thing. And I can take a fair amount of abuse!

From Derek Potter
Posted March 15, 2003 at 3:33 PM
you weenies. Why does everyone say how much that ride hurts. Its not a smooth steel coaster, so dont ride it like one. Anyway...this park has been like a second home to me for about 17 years now. I would say to go on a weekday, because weekends are really really crowded. Get there early and hit the pastry shop on International St. Go to the top of the tower. I usually hit the steel coasters early, because they seem to run faster and smoother early..hit the woodies later, after the coasters have had a chance to set in the moist heat. They run faster and smoother. Ride the Beast at night, make sure you stop at LaRosas Pizza by the Vortex, ride White Water Canyon, and dont forget about waterworks. If you have little ones, this is the best park outside of Disney to take them to. If the line for Top Gun is more than 45 minutes, don't waste your time, If the line for Beast or The Son is long, get in line anyway, because the line stays consistant all day and the line may look long, but you will get through quickly...besides, the rides are worth it. 5 best rides in the park...Beast, Son Of Beast, Flight of Fear, Vortex, and White Water Canyon.

From Chad Brown
Posted April 8, 2003 at 6:47 PM
I too have called PKI my home for most of my life, (since it opened really!). I have to agree with Davis on SOB though, it beats me up pretty bad each time, but I still love it. I just keep in mind that this is the tallest, fastest, only looping wooden coaster in existence, and that gives you three really good reason why it's so rough! Anyway, on to my suggestions. Forget about TOP GUN, it's not worth waiting five minutes in line for. But like what was already mentioned, start out in the ACTION ZONE! FACE/OFF, SOB, & DROP ZONE are musts. I head for the BEAST next, (and like many others it won't be the last time, (ya gotta ride at night too!). You should be well into the afternoon on any normal day, and if you're hot try one of these babies: Paramount Theatre, (front of park), Paramount Action Theatre, (behind VORTEX), TOMB RAIDER, WHITEWATER CANYON, WILD THORNBERRY'S LOG FLUME, or the NIKOLODEON WATERPLAY AREA. All these areas have either A/C or water, or both. There is also WATERWORKS water park, (free with admission), but you must plan ahead and bring your swimsuits, (but they do sell suits, trunks, and towels at very exorbitant prices). Keep in mind you CANNOT wear your bathing suits in the theme park, so plan ahead! Don't forget about VORTEX and FLIGHT OF FEAR, they are great! Two underestimated nightime rides are ADVENTURE EXPRESS & THE RACERS. Finally, three more things:
1) Hit LaRosa's Pizza, it's great. If pizza is not your thing, hit the kids area concessions. Their food combos are somewhat cheaper, and just the right-sized portions for most people.
2) The Fireworks, (sit in front of the tower for the best view "in the park". If you don't want to be stuck in the crowds, you can also get a great view from the parking lot.
3) With three new attractions this year, (Delirium, Scooby-Doo's Haunted Castle, and the Sponge Bob 3-D Show) PKI will be busier than ever this year, but you will know why this is always one of the top ranked family parks in the country. Enjoy!

From Steve Carter
Posted June 19, 2003 at 3:24 PM
I kinda agree with Derek, it is rough and has small trains but you can easily get used to it. Chad added good opinions too.

From Anonymous
Posted June 22, 2003 at 12:07 PM
I would start ot with a fast ride first and then case if you eat

From Matt Smeltzer
Posted June 23, 2003 at 6:43 AM
My problem with Son of Beast isn't because the ride is's the restraint system and the size of the cars. Tall people have long legs, and if there isn't any room to move their feet forward, their knees stick up--the restraint system in place is definitely not built for comfort. The first (and only) time I ever rode it, I ended up limping through the park for the rest of the day with a huge bruise on my leg from the knee bar (?). I can't even imagine how painful the ride would be for someone a few inches taller.

From Steve Carter
Posted June 25, 2003 at 7:30 PM
That is exactly the problem I ahve with it.

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