Will Toy Story Playland be as great?

Disneyland Paris: Do these rides sound great to u?

From Tim W
Posted January 19, 2009 at 10:31 AM
First A bugs land in DCA. then Nemo in Epcot, later an announcement of cars land in DCA, and now toy story playland in WDS in Paris. Carsland is highly anticipated due to the marvelous rides proposed for it. but will toy story playland live up to the emmersive lands of pixar? Proposed for this new land are the green army men parchute jump, originally proposed for DCA. how will people react since there was lots of negativity as a replcement for the mailboomer before. Also proposed are RC Racer half pipe coaster and a slinky the dog ride. i cant help but think midway mania and the toy story musical will find their way there as well. Do these rides sound great to u? i honestly wish tht a disneypark would just combine all these amazing pixar rides and lands into one fantastic park already. I mean theres already 4 lands (even though a bugs land could use alot of updates) along with tons more rides and shows that could be put there from other disney parks ie)pixar place and its proposed rides. WDS and some pixar rides there.

From Michelle Pilling
Posted July 30, 2009 at 12:43 AM
hi there
I hope it doent break down like WDW, in feb 09, we fastpassed it to find it brokedown..
should get fastrack in paris.

From James Rao
Posted July 30, 2009 at 3:24 AM
The Paris Toy Story area could be another disaster like Paradise Pier, or it can be what Paradise Pier is going to become once all the work in DCA is complete. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the latter.

From Anthony Murphy
Posted July 30, 2009 at 4:59 AM
I am not really sure.

I have been to WDS and its, more or less, DHS only smaller (which is scary compared to DHS being not that big). Still, it should fine. They will probably stick it in around the Cars land. They already have the Crush Coaster which, in my opinion, was one of the best uses of the Nemo Franchise. Check it out on youtube. Its a dark ride similar to the one at EPCOT and then you ride the EAC through a spinning roller coaster. I really wish EPCOT would have this one! They could probably get away with it being the only roller coaster since they are not, well, educational.

From Arnold Tang
Posted September 5, 2010 at 6:23 AM
I am sitting next to this new "land" as I write this.

It's gorgeously themed--really gorgeous, but the main visible additions are essentially flat rides with long wait times (90mn today) sort of read to me like they've essentially caught up with Parc Asterix and other neighboring parks.

Unlike A Bug's Land at DCA, the footprint is extremely confined (they're running into the Disneyland Hotel; the Flying Carpets are essentially right behind one wing of the hotel) so small that there's nowhere to sit.

Crush's coaster sounds interesting but I didn't have time to wait in line for it; I'll try to catch it during EMH (yes, they have Extra Magic Hours here). It is supposed to have the same video technology as the Submarine Voyage got a few years ago at DL. It *could* be a "game changer" but can't be the way that the Cars-themed Test Track going into California Adventure will be.

If you don't ride it, at least don't miss the sign for it (with a little ride vehicle spinning around eccentrically) that's just brilliant. I think it is Maurer Sohne's miniature demonstrator that I recall seeing at IAAPA when they started selling it a few years ago.

The land's not quite done yet. There's fresh pavement, and the exit to the area is through what used to be a parking lot for a very visible, unthemed existing EDSCA office building. I'm assuming that this is temporary and the land will expand if they ever make any money here.

My favorite thing--seriously--is the fencing. It's made of Tinkertoy-type parts (the plastic version, I think it was called Connex or something like that) made of cast aluminum. Even the long rod pieces are shaped and snap into the joiner blocks like the toy ones do. They are totally cool, I'd like to have a fence of the same material for home.

Funny story. First day I saw the new land, I noticed these ARRI 6K and 12K HMIs (big film/tv lights) set up all over the place, complete with not-in-very-bad-shape ballasts (power supplies); expensive modern gear unlike the old cast-iron Mole gear they have on the tram tour. And all of the lighting, even the ride lighting and landscape lighting, had gel (colored acetate used to color light for theatre) taped to it. I said to myself, "gee, they really went all out to make this look realistically like a film set!"

Turns out the lights WERE real--it was press day the next day and they had everything lit for TV stand-ups.

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