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Help on my homework assignment.

Question 1a: Determine which theme park was the most profitable over the last year, last 5 years?

From Noah Duff
Posted February 26, 2009 at 10:02 PM
Okay so I am doing an assignment for math and I need help. So, I'm just going to paste the assignment and help me with whatever you can. Thank you!!!!

Question 1a: Determine which theme park was the most profitable over the last year, last 5 years?
-make sure you show data for 3 parks

Question 3: Which theme park will provide you with the most profit or the least amount of loss?
-based on the parks chosen

Question 4: Select a theme park that you feel will be the most profitable and discuss why.

Question 6: Use the following formula to calculate the number of shares
-o Example: $10,000 investment, 2% broker’s fee use the following; number of shares = 10000/(1.02 * price per share at first reading) A stock is offered at $4.69 per share so determine the number of shares =
10000/(4.69*1.02) = 10000/4.78 = 2,090 shares

Question 7:Generate a line graph
-you should use for buting and selling price over a 4 week period and then excel to plot the graph

Question 8: Calculate the net profit or net loss for each stock over 4 weeks
-Example:o $10000 investment and after 4 weeks the value is $11,814.15 This is a purchase of 2090 shares so new price/share is ~$ 5.65 per share The broker’s fee is .02( 2090) (5.65) or $236.17 therefore the Amount from the sale = $11,814.15-236.17 = 11,577.98 and this is a net profit of $1,577.98.

Question 1: What do you think your stock will be worth in 5 years?
-should be based on data from previous 5 years

Question 2: Compare your results to investing $10,000 in a savings account that has an interest rate of 3.5% compounded annually for 5 years.
-Varies, must include $11,876.86 in savings account comparison

Question 3: If you kept your stocks for 5 years, which investment would provide you with the most profit: your theme park or savings account?

Thank you soo much for any help.

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