Great America: Lookin Good for 2009

Six Flags Great America: SFGA Slowing Down? Heck no!

From Anthony Murphy
Posted May 13, 2009 at 7:26 AM
While the rest of the company might be in trouble, Six Flags Great America is showing no instance of slowing down. In fact, Six Flags Great America is speeding up and is partnering up with a local resort to create a huge partnership.

Some new things at SFGA include the internet Café in which you can check your email, facebook, or myspace pages absolutely free. You can also get baked goods, crepes and fresh coffee. Think of it as Six Flags’ version of the Main Street Bakery of Disney fame. My brother and I had some things there and they were pretty good.
SFGA has also teamed up with the local indoor water park, Key Lime Cove, to make it Great America’s official resort! Now guests can book a room at Key Lime Cove, get reduced parking at the parks, special coupons, free tickets, and free shuttles to and from the park. Either way, it’s a great deal to take a short vacation away from your home for the weekend.

As many of the parks are getting green, SFGA is no exception. They now have recyclable cans for their plastic bottles and use more fuel efficient cars for landscaping, and attractions (like the train).

The M-Porium is also making its way to SFGA with their very own store in the County Fair location of the park. Guest can get exclusive candy and apparel here.

And of course there is Buccaneer Battle…….

So they look like they will have a really good 2009. What do you think and is anything happening at your local or Six Flags Park?

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