Trip Report - June 4

Cedar Point: Took a quick trip up today

From Audra Distler
Posted June 4, 2009 at 9:22 PM
I decided to take a quick, solitary trip up to Cedar Point today, and I had a much better experience than opening weekend! :)

First off, let me just say to any who are planning a trip and have the ability, get into the park at early entry! Really pays off.. I was able to ride Millennium twice and Maverick twice before 10 AM, and probably could have gotten more in if I hadn't waited for the first car once, and they loaded a new train in at that time on Millennium.
After those two, I walked onto Skyhawk (one of the big swing type rides), and then waited about ten minutes for Gemini (only one train running, as usual on a slower day). I then rode Magnum which was a walkon, and looked at the time for Top Thrill, which said 45 min (not worth it for me!). I headed over to Wicked Twister, about a 20 min. wait, and sat towards the front. In my opinion, the front is better because you get to travel up the ride more times! :)
After that, I went up front to see the time on Raptor, and they had a 1 hr. 15 min. time posted! Not on a day like today!! So I skipped that for the moment, and rode MaxAir, about half hour wait. I grabbed an elephant ear as a snack (sorry, I just can't resist those!) and then rode the Power Tower, another walk on. I checked out the time on Top Thrill, and it was down to half hour, so I got in line. I chatted with a family from Chicago who were there for the first time, and I gave them some must-dos they hadn't done, and then rode the ride with the mother. Still have to say, this is for me the most scary ride in the park! :P
I checked the Raptor time as I was heading out, and it was down to 45 min, so I got in line. Unfortunately, just as I got to the loading platform, someone had some bodily problem and they had to clean the ride down. They ran it through empty, and I got in line, only to realize that I was in line to ride the seat they just cleaned. However, as the train pulled up, it wasn't completely clean, so they sent it trhough again. I was actually kind of relieved! :)
I left the park at 3, so I felt I had done pretty good to cover all those rides in such a short time. :)

From christian giovannini
Posted June 5, 2009 at 1:05 PM
sounds like you had a great time but im sorry but i wouldnt have sat in the seat with throw up. IDC if they ceaned it or not. Thats just gross

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