The Single Rider Idea

Cedar Point: I was at Cedar Point on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day with my parents. I am wondering if anyone else was there and saw the "Single Rider"

From Kayleigh J
Posted June 23, 2009 at 10:00 PM
Well, this isn't exactly about any updates or closing attractions (however mad I may be about Son of Beast), but I think it's kind of interesting. I was at Cedar Point on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day with my parents. I am wondering if anyone else was there and saw the "Single Rider"...

My dad and I first saw a man in a neon orange shirt with reflective tape on it while we were in line for Magnum. His shirt read "Single Rider" on the front, with the number 2 on a pocket, and then on the back it said "Single Rider 2" all over again. This struck us as weird, but figured it didn't concern us so we moved on to ride the ride. After riding Magnum, I had a headache (read: don't ride roller coasters while you have a concussion!) so I sat out a ride while my parents went to go do Magnum again. Single Rider Man raced out from the ride's exit past us to go get back in line. Then while my parents were riding and I was sitting on a bench, he exited and ran by AGAIN to go get on Magnum for a third time. Then he came off the same ride that my parents were on! Going as a single rider, this man rode four rides while our groups of two only rode two. Maybe this is a good idea, to go alone and see how many rides you can do in a day. But I guess you'd have to run around everywhere too. But if you have nothing better to do, it could be interesting to dress up like a traffic cone and run around an amusement park and ride everything multiple times... Someone should try that and report how many times they got on everything like that! Any volunteers? :)

So if anyone else was at Cedar Point on Sunday the 21st, did you see "Single Rider 2"? And more importantly... did anyone find "Single Rider 1"??

From Brandon S
Posted June 23, 2009 at 10:29 PM
There are a few people at Cedar Point that dress up in Single Rider shirts. The most famous being Single Rider Bob. I have seen the man you are talking about, and I also have seen a gentleman named Mean Streak Henry. I think it's great these older gentlemen still ride on.

From Randy Clover
Posted June 24, 2009 at 7:26 AM
I went to CP a two weeks ago as a single rider. I moved to Indiana for a temporary move within the company. Since I do not know that many people up here, and most don't share my enthusiasm for amusement parks, I did the single rider thing. Unfortunately, Maverick was closed throughout most of the day. When it did open at 10:00pm, I waited in a small line until they opened the queue line. I jumped in the single rider line and got on the last ride of the night. Yes, our train got stuck and they closed the ride for the rest of the night, and half of the next day...
However, the week before I visited KI and went through the single rider line on Diamondback 20 times in 2 hours. It was pretty much, get off walk around, climb the stairs, walk in and ride. I did this early in the day, since people tend to figure out around noon that their party of 3 or so can get in faster if they do the single rider line.
There is a point of diminishing returns for the single rider line. I have been to some parks where I got in the single rider line and waited longer than the person that got in the regular line just before I entered.

I, however, have never dressed up like a traffic cone. Not my thing.

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