BGW: Touring planing for adults with small children.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: BGW experts, need your help with touring plan.

From Mike Boyle
Posted July 13, 2009 at 9:09 PM
Please comment on my touring plan for our upcoming trip, Thursday July 16th. Our party has 4 adults, one 4 year old, and one 2 year old. The plan calls for adults to pair up; identified as adultsA and adultsB below.

9am - England: Get kids wrist bands then line up at Sesame Street Forest gate.
9:30am - Sesame Street Forest opens, kids start their tour.
9:50am - adultsA walk to Ireland/France gate for fast walk to Griffin.
10am to Noon details:
1. adultsA ride Griffin while adultsB bring kids in stroller to Griffin enterance.
2. adultsA head to Log Flume with stroller while adultsB ride Griffin.
3. adultsA ride Log Flume with kids while adultsB ride Alpengeist.
4. adultsB take kids over to rides in Germany while adultsA ride Alpengeist and then DarKastle.
5. adultsA meet up with kids in Germany; adultsB ride DarKastle then Big Bad Wolf.
6. Lunch @ Des Festus (hopefully just before the noon rush).

After lunch, we'll hit Land of Dragons for the kids, BBW (for adultsA), take a Skyride ride, catch a show, ride Apollo's Chariot, LNM, ect. but at a much more leisurely pace.

1. Would baby swaps work better for us than the adult pairs I have in our plan? I figured this way the kids are not waiting around much for adults to finish rides.
2. Can we take our double stroller (it does fold up nicely) on the skyride?
3. Where do we abandon our stroller before getting on the log flume?
4. Does anyone think I'm certifiably insane with my plan???

Thanks in advance for your comments.

From Tamara Bell
Posted May 4, 2011 at 10:37 AM
I couldn't really tell you on the timing bit as much however I can give this advice.
First, baby swap is awesome and very quick, however you really have to get the coasters in the morning before the park fills up. We usually go to Loch Ness, then race over to Germany and let our son play around in the land of the dragons.
Next we run over to Alpengeist, baby swap again.
This year we're going to go over to Italy and get on Apollos Chariot since we missed it last year. That one is a great ride that really hurt to miss but our son was getting cranky so decided to try for it this year.
In between riding the coasters we try to throw in fun things for our son to do whenever we're in the area.
The big thing we always do is only go on weekdays, have a snack at around 11am and then eat lunch at 1 to 2 pm, that way we miss some of the rush.
How old are your children? Our son will be 5 1/2 this year so we expect he will be able to hang in there longer before hitting his "I'm tired of this, I need a break" bit.

From Tom Rigg
Posted May 5, 2011 at 9:10 AM

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