Six Flags Really NJ Zero Flags

Six Flags Great America: They Did reply. They said that it was private property so no refunds. Cold Answer.... Sent me copy and paste answers, LAMO. Did not address the picnic area at all. They just dont cars. We will never go to six flags again.

From Scott Pan
Posted July 25, 2009 at 4:17 PM
I just returned from six flags in NJ. (07/2009) I will never go there again. I am requesting a refund. My family had the worst experience at this park. People were cutting lines with no way to stop them. This happened on almost every ride. A lot of rides were closed. There is no visible management overseeing the running of the park. One of the gates to a ride nearly crushed my son’s hand as it slammed shut. They promote that you can bring your own food and eat it in a picnic area, however there are only 6 tables in this area to accommodate thousands of guests. We had to eat on the rock covered ground making a sandwich in our hands. The park is so poorly run and has a bad element running through the park with no visible security we the patrons can go to if needed. The people ( teens ) running the rides seemed to want to keep it going fast that safety was sacrificed. We did not feel safe at all. We had a horrible time and left so mad. My son is 12 years old and he wanted to leave the park early. There is nothing like waiting an hour and a half on line to be cut again and again. Also, they are checking for weapons coming into the park, but when you get a stamp and re-enter they do not check. Makes no sense to us. Water was almost 4 dollars a bottle. Food prices were so high as well. They charge almost the same price for fast pass as a regular ticket. Fast pass is nothing like Disney ( free at Disney ). You have to pay extra for some rides. They are having money issues and we the patrons are paying for it. Shame on you six flags it was really a no flags day for us.

From Nick Markham
Posted July 25, 2009 at 5:57 PM
This is interesting, Scott. For in this exact same story you posted on Thrill Network and Theme Park Review, you said this was Six Flags Great Adventure not Six Flags Great America. Either you selected on mistake, or you are up to something. Either way, you will get the same response whereever you post the same story. We feel bad you had a bad time but there are several flaaws pointed out on all of the other sites. For example, you state no security, when you say you were checked for weapons when you first entered the park. Then you say your son's hand got stuck between the gates when there is a very good space between the gates and the fence, and, they slowly close, not slam shut. Plus the two big things you must expect from a theme park are big prices and closed rides, expecially Six Flags. And finally, the big reason they have a small picnic area is to drive tourists to their retaurants. If you would have checked the replies to all of your posts after writting them instead of joining, posting, and then never returning (hopefully you don't do that here as well), you would have gotten a lot of advice and answers. So, before you go, visit a theme park, and then write another bad review about a terrible day, try to instead join all of the roller coaster sites you already have beforehand and ask us for help, as we know a thing or two about most every park you will ever visit.

From James Rao
Posted July 25, 2009 at 7:13 PM
Nick is right: we can't change what has happened in the past, but we can help you plan for a better theme park visit in the future, whether that visit is at a Six Flags park, a Disney park, or anywhere your travels may lead you.

From Anthony Murphy
Posted July 25, 2009 at 9:27 PM
Also, to speak of the fastpass/flashpass dillema.

You pay more than twice the price at Disney so that does cover fastpass and parking. Its like 35 bucks to go to Six Flags. Also, what rides cost extra? I have never heard of that before and I am by Great America which is the only one on the list besides your NJ park. They seem to be doing the best of the SF parks and perhaps the best.

Not to mention, Disney would not let you eat in the parking lot as far as I know.

While some of your points are valid and true, you seemed to expect way too much from theme parks, especailly Six Flags.

Hopefully we can all help you have a better time next time! SFGA NJ usually doesn't read these either. Sorry you had a terrible time!

From Nick Markham
Posted July 25, 2009 at 9:27 PM
I hope this isn't true, but it seems he is doing the same thing he has done on othersites I have seen like Thrill Network and Theme PArk Review and just not returning after posting but just posting the once simply to get out how bad he thinks Six Flags is. I am not trying to be so hard, but after seeing the same thing happen over and over and over again on each site I look at, it bugs me a little. Though of all of the sites to do this, I hope he decides to stick around Theme Park Insider and ask for advice as TPI gives some of the best advice for theme parks that I know of!

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