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Hershey Park TR

Hersheypark: My trip report to hershey park on july 16-17-09.

From christian giovannini
Posted August 6, 2009 at 4:53 PM
Sorry im late with my TR...

Thursday night we did the preview plan and got in the park at7 30. we ran straight to the boardwalk,bc it closed at 8. we got on the new lazy river.
great scenery and very fun

then we got on roller soaker.. fun but never wait in line for it it not worth more han a 5 min. 8 30 pm lightning racer ... always a great ride vvery thrilling and super fast.

i dont remember exactly what we did next but rode some more rides then headed to the exit...
on the way we stopped and rod e FARENHEIT...amazing ride Drop is in line at 9 30... then back to the hotel for the night...first we made a pitstop at pizza hut hahaha

Friday morningh we got to the park entrance at 9 20 there was a huge line for security bag checks but there was also good entertainment too bands n musoc...once they opened up the linje moved very quick...
we got in and headed right to the boardwalk to reaerve chairs with our towels. then we did the lazy river/wavepool right away b4 it got crowded. then east coast waterworks for about 20 minutes... always fun to squirt lil kids and pull the ropes on em..

omfg then they got me on stormrunner... crazy launch right as we pulled out onto the launch pad it started to rain adn it hurt really bad.

now it was like 2 30 and it started to pour now i got upset.. we then watgched a country music show so maybe the rain would stop... but it didnt we tried o go on great bear and we got in line and waited for like 30 mins and the rain picked up so a guy came out n said they were closin g and that all the coasters were also closing...

then we went on reeses extreme cup challenge (indoor ride) then the bumper cars 30 min wait but there was nuthing lse to do... I never thoought i would ebver have to say ne tghing bad about hershey park but at the bumper cars after i ride cycyle finished it took the operator 8 mins i timed them to unload and re load it was like they didnt even wanna be there... they we left. 4 30 i was so upset waiting for a trip 4 2 months then t gets rained out... And it was even my Birthday... sorry bout the spelling and the rambling on n on. plz read and comment and ask Q's

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From Kelly Smith
Posted August 6, 2009 at 9:12 PM
I'm sorry you got rained out! That really sucks.

I didn't ride Fahrenheit when I was at Hersheypark in May because the lines were crazy all day, but I'll be there on Sunday with pre-opening exclusive ride times, thanks to Magic Meets. I'm excited.

From christian giovannini
Posted August 7, 2009 at 8:18 AM
Fareenheit is so awesome youl love it ...tHE DROP IS SO CRAZY.... tHE ONLY THONG WAS THAT THE REST OF THE COASTER FROM RIGHT after the drop on it seems rough... but i didnt mind that

From Eli Katzman
Posted August 7, 2009 at 1:17 PM
That sucks about your day. But I SO WANTED TO RIDE FAHRENHEIT (after about 8 months of waiting), but the rain was too heavy to run it (almost none), and also my fav coaster at hershey was closed too (Stomrunner)! And it doesn't make any sense with the name! When there's a storm, stormrunner should be up and better than ever! :D

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