UO's Royal Pacific Resort

Universal Orlando: We are staying at Royal Pacific next week. We were wondering if anyone has stayed on the "Club Level" and what their thoughts were about the perks or lack there of.

From Randy Scott
Posted October 7, 2009 at 7:15 PM
Any thoughts about the "Club Level" at Royal Pacific????

From Jeff M
Posted October 7, 2009 at 9:22 PM
Randy, I have stayed there at the "club Level". May I suggest you request what your desires are to working personnel. You will get a bit more of attention if you are at the hotel during the prime eating hours. My experience has been better at the Hard Rock and especially at the Portofino club rooms. Don't get me wrong, the Royal Pacific "Club" level rooms were nice, but I felt I had to work a lil' harder to get the same benefits presented to me that I got without question at the other on-site hotels. Like I said... go there knowing what they offer, and then make sure you get it if not offered. Have fun and enjoy!

From Rob P
Posted October 8, 2009 at 2:42 AM
On our last visit to the Royal Pacific we requested a room change because the one we'd been allocated was on the top floor and , therefore, there was some disturbance from the air con fans on the roof.
The staff, as usual, were so friendly and accommodating that they took us to see no fewer than 3 more rooms. The first offer was a room in the Club Level. Which was far more expensive than our standard room and had the special elevator key to take us to that level and we'd also qualify for complimentary breakfast in the Club Lounge too.
We declined their kind offer because we thought that maybe that top floor would also be beneath the fans and we didn't wish to waste time changing again if it was.
If humming fans is an issue with you too then no amount of extra space and free muffins is going to be worth it.
I'd check that out before I went.
Besides the standard rooms we normally get are really nice anyway and if you get a good view from the window then it's great.
The Royal Pacific is one of our favourite Resorts.

From Randy Scott
Posted October 8, 2009 at 4:10 PM
I'm confused now. The fan thing seems like a big deal. Are the cooling fans on top of RP really that loud? Can we get a room on the club level that does'nt have these over our room? I'm prepaid through Expedia. What "desires" should I ask for when we get there? I got a good deal on a club level room, I was thinking the money we would save on the "perks" at RP club level would offset some of the other expenses in and out of the parks. But I'm not so sure now...

From Jeff M
Posted October 8, 2009 at 4:39 PM
Randy, here's what I can offer... I never really heard cooling fans running, but maybe because I was at the end of the hall type of room? All I was trying to say regarding my last post is that if you are looking to get the most for your dollar at the "Royal Pacific", then make sure that you get all that is included with a club room reservation! I can only speak from my experience at the time I traveled there, but I know the Royal Pacific scrimpted on things during my visit! I was promised certian items during my stay, but they seemed to change things according to their max amount of people on that level for the day! My opinion is, no matter if 1 or 100 are there things should not change for the price being paid! ( or not paid in my case) Consistant operations prove to be more viable through time! The Hard Rock and Portofino did not prove a lesser value so I can say they are better choices! Like I said in previous post, just ask,"Am I getting ALL that I should" for the price paid. Nothing wrong with "covering your arse"!!!! Then you know what to expect and whether it fills your expectations.

From Rob P
Posted October 9, 2009 at 1:44 AM
I didn't mean to put you off when I told you about the air-con fans. I would imagine that only a few rooms are affected and then within those rooms only a few of us might be disturbed by them.
My wife wasn't too bothered as the frequency of the hum was off her range but once I'd locked onto it I just couldn't block it out.
It is only a motor hum and is only intermittent.
My guess is that you'll probably be like my wife and won't notice it one bit even if they are above you.
Go and enjoy the Royal Pacific and all it has to offer. Grab a cool beer and a pu-pu platter late at night sitting on the verandah outside Jake's. Listen to the cooling waterfall in the warmth of the Florida night and kick back and relax.
Do I sound jealous ?...............'cos I am.

From Randy Scott
Posted October 9, 2009 at 2:31 PM
Thanks Guys,
I understand better now. I'm not at all bashful about requesting different accomodations or questioning service. If I get a room on the "club" level that sounds like a helicopter is hovering over it, I will have a room on another level with "club" level perks included. They will also at least provide their description of "club" level service listed on the website. If not I will address that also. They are in the service business and I will help them down that path if necessary.

Plus we are all pretty excited about this trip. It's 45 degrees in OKC right now with a 30 degree wind chill, we need some heat, humidity and fun.

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